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Richard Seymour Surprises Robert Kraft with Hall of Fame Induction News

New England Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft received a surprise visit on Super Bowl Sunday last month while in Los Angeles to watch the game in person. Richard Seymour, who played for the New England Patriots from 2001 to 2008, stopped by Kraft’s hotel room with some amazing news. 

Seymour wanted Kraft to be the first to know that he had just received word of his induction into the National Football League (NFL) Hall of Fame. The rest of the world would find out later that night during the Super Bowl. Here is how Seymour shared his good news with Kraft:

“You have been a tremendous and proud supporter of me throughout my career, and the great organization of the Patriots drafted me. I felt that it was only right to let you be the first one to know that I am the newest member of the Hall of Fame.”

Surprised and delighted, Robert Kraft could only say “That’s awesome!” as the team owner and former NFL star embraced.

Richard Seymour Played in Three Super Bowls during His First Four Seasons

After the Patriots drafted Seymour in 2001, the right defensive end (RDE) went on to play in the Super Bowl three times in his first four seasons. The Patriots won all of those games.

Kraft brought this up to Seymour when he said he is not sure if there is another player in the NFL to win three Super Bowls during his first four years in the league. He told the former RDE that he made a tremendous difference to the Patriots organization. 

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Seymour had just as much praise for Kraft as he talked about his work with the Patriots, his business success with the Kraft Group, and how he served the community through philanthropy. He was quick to mention that he would not be where he is today without Kraft’s leadership and mentorship.

Worst to First: How Robert Kraft Made the Difference of a Lifetime

The Kraft Group purchased the New England Patriots in 1994 and have owned the team continuously since that time. The team won just 5 games out of 16 in the 1993 season before Kraft was owner. They appeared in their first Super Bowl under Kraft’s ownership in 1998, falling 46 to 10 to the Chicago Bears. The team has made a total of 10 Super Bowl appearances under Kraft, winning the title in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2014, 2016, and 2019. 

Thanks to the strong business skills of Robert Kraft, the New England Patriots have become one of the NFL’s most elite franchises. They have won more Super Bowl championships, division titles, NFL games, and conference crowns than any other team in the league. New England also has the second-highest financial value in the NFL.

Gillette Stadium and Home Field Domination

Kraft was instrumental in building a new 65,000-seat stadium for the Patriots that opened in 2002. He raised private capital to pay for the cost of construction, and the team later reimbursed the public for all infrastructure costs incurred while building the stadium. New England has the winningest home record in all of football.

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The Patriots share the stadium with the New England Revolution in the professional soccer league. Gillette Stadium hosts many other ticketed and non-ticketed events throughout the year.

Robert Kraft Gives Back to the Community

Kraft and his family, including three adult sons employed by the company, are among the world’s largest charitable donors. Robert focuses much of his philanthropy on organizations that serve women and children, especially in the areas of healthcare, education, and youth sports. He understands that the opportunity to play competitive sports at a young age has a lasting positive impact on children.

As successful as the New England Patriots are, the team is just one organization among many under the umbrella of the Kraft Group. Robert operates all his companies in the same manner as the Patriots. His strong entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic shine through in every situation.

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