Resource Management Reports – How to Get it Right with a Resource Management Solution

Did you know that one of the key processes of project management is resource management? This not only includes planning, allocating, and scheduling resources, but also managing their productivity, availability, etc. Most project managers create detailed plans for their projects, but still, find many challenges impeding their success. Why is that so? Because only planning isn’t enough. In such dynamic times, organizations face immense competition and pressure to deliver top-quality products and services that must also be cost-effective. To attain this, you should ensure to utilize your resources in an optimal manner. Ineffective resource management results in low productivity miss of timelines, low-quality projects, and cost overruns. Implementing a resource management solution is the key here. eResource Scheduler is an AI-enabled, multi-user resource management software that helps you in resource management, workflow scheduling, capacity planning, and project management. But first, let’s understand what we mean by resource management.

Defining Resource Management

The art of managing your available resources most efficiently to gain the optimal value from them is called resource management. As a first step towards efficient resource management, you should have all your data centralized from various sources in one central online repository. This makes it easy for all employees to access any information or data from anywhere and at any time. Using the right resource management solution will resolve your challenges. Ensure that you choose a tool that takes care of resource planning, allocation, forecasting, scheduling, monitoring utilization, and capacity planning. It’s ideal to look for software that can manage analytics, business intelligence, and reporting too. Also, ensure that this tool can be easily integrated with any other applications or software you may be using.

Importance of Resource Management Reports

Resource management reports allow you to gain insights on resource forecasting needs, project budgets and an understanding of who is working on what and when. Analytics and Reports collect data from budgets, people, and time, and allow you to group and filter that data into reports that help answer questions like:

  • Was my project profitable?
  • Where and why did we go over budget?
  • How would we run this project differently next time?

Resource Management Reports from eResource Scheduler 

By implementing a leading resource management tool such as eResource Scheduler, you can quickly pull out various reports that help you streamline your project and resource management. Read on to find more about these reports and how you benefit from them.

  • Measure utilization and resource availability at every level

To highlight the areas where you need more optimization, you first need to assess your resource utilization and availability at various levels of the company. This could be at the project, resource, team, or location level. eResource Scheduler is a resource management software that calculates and accurately reports resource utilization at multiple levels of the organization. The administrator can create new or additional groupings for all the resources and categorize them into teams, specific managers, locations, or offices, etc. As a result, the resource utilization reports enable you to view and filter your utilization data at such grouping levels. You can also design custom options for easily organizing your resource management reports and toggling between them.

  • View utilization as per resources and/or projects

You can also configure the resource management reports to organize your reporting data as needed. You could either view the resource utilization reports sorted by resource names or by projects. What’s more? You can also use any other grouping that was configured for your resources, for example, according to the team, manager name, department, etc. You can also view as per projects by using the project manager’s name, business unit, etc. Organizing and sorting data by multiple options offers a holistic snapshot of utilization and availability numbers across the business.

  • Real-time data and up-to-date reports 

Imagine when you had to share reports with your supervisors and the management in Monday morning meetings. Times have changed and you don’t have to update people about their team or resource utilization. eResource Scheduler is a cloud-based resource management solution which provides you with up-to-date resource utilization and availability reports. These reports are updated in real-time, which means whenever someone creates a new booking, deletes, or updates an existing booking, the tool updates the report accordingly. This ensures that anyone viewing the report at any time will always see updated utilization and availability data. This also ensures accurate and right scheduling and hiring decisions.

  • View utilization data in two separate units simultaneously

Most tools offer you data; however, you need perspective to come to significant conclusions. For instance, an increase from $10 to $20 and from $500 to $1000 represents 100% growth. But it cannot be compared with regard to absolute value increase. Hence, the resource utilization report that eRS Cloud offers, enables you to view data in two separate units at one time. You can opt for two units according to your preference and then view the utilization figures in both units simultaneously. This offers you with a whole new perspective and helps in making informed decisions.

  • Easy identification of key data with colour-coding

Identifying all the significant information easily is the key aspect of good reporting. Any data will be beneficial or convenient for you if it gets highlighted in the required reports automatically. This resource management tool offers configurable colour-coding in all the reports like resource utilization and availability. Administrators are allowed to define utilization thresholds and determine colour codes as per the business requirements. This helps in easily spotting any under or overutilized resources. This feature also saves time and helps you to quickly identify and then focus on the challenging aspects.

  • Graphs for easy and visual interpretation of data

Charts and visual graphs enable easy understanding of data and help you to compare or comprehend information in a meaningful way. All the reports provided by the tool are equipped with multiple charting options that help you to easily get useful information. All these charts are available in various types and are highly configurable for flexibility and efficient representation of information.

1. Gantt charts help in efficient resource scheduling

Project managers can view the availability of any resource easily and check which projects they are working on with the Gantt chart view. You can identify the best and most suitable employee who has availability. As a next step, you can schedule them on your upcoming projects. The resource management software, eResource Scheduler, offers a visual snapshot of the entire data. Gantt charts make all the data and information quite simple to comprehend. For example, these charts tell you what your team members are working on, status of each project and task, any possibility of schedule misses, etc. You can also check the team’s performance and status of projects on a day to day, weekly, or monthly basis.

  • Pull out short, medium, or long-term utilization and availability reports

Achieving optimal resource utilization is not a one-time task but is a constant process. Therefore, you must have constant insight into utilization data in the short, medium, and also long-term. eResource Scheduler provides utilization reports in different views that range from daily, monthly, to yearly. In addition, all the views offer consolidated data as well as a breakup of the overall figures.

  • Personalize your reports according to your preference

Different teams or resources may have different preferences. eResource Scheduler provides both basic and advanced settings for the reports. This helps you to personalize these reports according to your individual preference.

  • Resource overload notification

This AI-enabled resource management software automatically verifies if any action of yours or any other user would end up in overbooking a particular resource. Thus, if any resource is booked over his or her capacity, then this software provides an overload warning. Also, the scheduling chart feature shows the resource overload data both in hours and percentages. This enables project and resource managers to decide if they should go ahead or terminate that action.

Choose eResource Scheduler for Resource Management Reports and get a Free Trial and Individualized Support 

eResource Scheduler is a top-rated and award-winning resource management solution. It assures you to raise your resource utilization numbers between 18 to 30%. Use this software as an online centralized repository for saving all information about your global resources or projects. The tool also offers real-time visibility of an organization’s entire resource pool, ongoing projects, productivity, and profitability. You can pick the best plan as per your requirements. But before deciding, you could book a free trial to check out the tool yourself. You also get individualized support in configuring the system according to your specific needs. Its robust architecture and brilliant performance make it the leading and most preferred choice to restructure your operations and enhance organizational efficiencies.

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