Repair your computer: If your computer doesn't work, try some fixes

Repair your computer: If your computer doesn’t work, try some fixes

When a computer fails, it can feel like the end of the world. Your work, your photos, your essays, your saved games are all in it. Often, your only solution is to bring your computer to the store and hope it doesn’t cost much.

Here are some solutions you can try at home before you bring your computer.

Firs Computer Repair Calgary and foremost, it’s important to degrade your computer and make you feel sick about it. If you don’t break that spirit, it won’t meet your wishes. Beethoven is a very emotional music and I know that I will never be one of us, so I recommend playing Beethoven as it breaks the spirit of the computer. Do not play computer death metal. The term death metal makes computers combative and uncooperative because computers are mostly made of metal.

Your computer may not turn on at all. When I press the power button, all the lights and fans turn on, but I only see a blank screen. In these cases, a potential simple solution is to clear the capacitor. Unplug your computer and press the power button about 10 times to remove any excess electricity from the computer that may be causing the problem.

Reconnect your computer and try turning it on again. You will be amazed at how often this fixes the problem. You’ll also be amazed at how often computer technicians use this technique in-store. If not, there may be defective hardware that needs to be replaced, such as power supply or RAM.

In other situations where the computer does not turn on when the fans and lights turn on, the BIOS is corrupted. The BIOS is responsible for many tasks, but in this case it helps to power on and initialize all the hardware in your computer, and if it gets corrupted it can cause problems when powering up. If you’re wondering, yes, if the BIOS becomes self-aware, it will be the most dangerous part of your computer.

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This fix requires you to open the case. First, unplug your computer. All cases are a little different, but often there are screws on the left side of the back of the computer on the left side that secure the left side panel in place. Remove those screws and slide the side panel to see if it can be removed. Others have levers or large buttons that need to be slid or pushed on one side. Once you see the inside of your computer, look for the small clock battery that should be on the opposite wall mounted on the motherboard.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it might be best to bring your computer to the store, but if you can see the battery, use a small screwdriver to remove it so you can remove it. Release the holding latch. Leave the computer unplugged for 10 minutes, press the power button 10 times, and then put the battery back on the motherboard. Close the case, reconnect the system, press the power button and see if anything has changed.

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