Realme buds vs Realme buds 2 comparison

Realme buds vs Realme buds 2 comparison

Today I’m going to make this post for you a comparison of these two earphones from the Realme buds vs Realme buds 2 comparisons. Now and we’re going to start the comparison here.

Realme buds vs Realme buds 2 comparison


Let’s start with the earbuds okay and also with the design let’s start with the Realme buds classic okay. So here I’m going to show you the earbud-style of the stylish shape okay so it’s black and it’s like a stone shape of earphones alright. It’s having a stem so that it will you can just only hook it to your ears on the left and then on the right Okay. It especially with the different sizes of the ears this is really perfect for you.

The Realme buds 2 here and take a look at the closing of the Realme buds 2. It’s really kind of stylish design. It’s like a drum shade within the left and right okay and guess what these both earbuds are actually having the magnetic.  So that it will have your convenience it will not um rearrange okay. It’s easy for you to arrange between this book and it contains also a silicon tip on each. So you can just adjust it from the left and then the right the small size all right so here when it comes to the ear design I would like to go for the Realme buds 2.


Next is let’s go for the cord of these earphones. Let’s start with the real me buds classic. It’s not actually plastic and also it’s not rubber. The length of this is around 1.26m okay so uh that’s in meters which is really not bad right not too long not too short which is good. It’s really cool. It’s also anti-twining so that it’s easy for you to rearrange back. It will not tangle up your cords all right. So the cable cords are actually the most important especially when you put them in your bag and easy to rearrange.

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Next is the Realme buds 2 okay so the Realme buds 2 here is having the same material on the top of the real me buds classic okay not rubber and also not plastic. I like the Realme buds 2 because on the lower part it has a different kind of material and it’s very durable. This is what I really like with the Realme buds 2 okay so when it comes to the cable I would like to go for the Realme buds 2.

Mic and remote:

Next, let’s go for the remote all right so here let’s start with the realme bud classic okay. If you come to take a look at widow remote it’s very simple the front. The back only having the stop and play here okay especially when you’re listening to the music okay and also at the back there is a mic. So that you can hear the crystal clear of your voice and also there of your voice sending to your uh receiver okay.

Next is the realme bud 2 okay. If you come to take a look closely with the remote control here and it’s having good features here the plus and minus so you can also adjust your volume. It also has a stop and plays button in the center and at the back, there’s also a microphone that you can send your voice through your receiver .so here when it comes to the remote control.

Sound & Bass quality:

Let’s go for the sound quality. So here I have tried actually the realme buds classic and skull quality. i really like to go for the base here right it has a driver of 14.2 millimeters right wow guys this is already a winner.

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Now let’s compare it with the realme bud 2. It is having 11.2 which is really accepted but I would like to say that if you really compare for a 14.2 real base sound versus the realme buds 2. I would like to go to the realme bud classic because of the sound driver right. so here the winner is the realme buds classic.

Call quality:

Next is the call quality right so the mic here i would like to go for the better driver here okay I have no problem with the realme buds 2.It comes to the clarity and also for the normal talk .so what I like is the crystal clear of the voice when you’re trying to call the winner of the call quality here for the microphone it will go to the realme buds classic.


Let’s start with the weight of each earphone okay so let’s start with the realme buds 2 .so let’s go to the weight of these earphones. So let’s start with the realme buds 2 okay so this is the weight is 15 grams.

Next is the realme bud classic. It’s around 13 grams. So lightweight let’s go for the realme buds classic last but not least guys most Important is the price now most of us are actually going for a very good budget with very good quality.


Let’s go for the realme buds 2 now it’s slightly high around 600rs and below.  It’s really not bad because a lot of features here especially with the durability call quality is not. The sound quality right it has very good features of a remote and compared to the realme buds classic 400rs in below.

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It has a good feature with an HD sound of that and I really like it so much is because it has a good quality also with a good um features, okay all the features may be a little bit a slight difference compared to the realme buds 2 um but still I would really like to go for the 600rs below. So most people love a good quality at a good price now the winner of the prize is the real me buds classic.

SO Conclusion:

Overall winner will be the will be buds classic. So guys let me give you a small summary of very good sound quality very good call quality. so durable compared to the realme bud 2 but it can give you a very good HD sound here okay so here um it’s also having a 600 and below. It’s a very decent budget earphone for you guys okay. We’re going to end of Realme buds classic vs Realme buds 2 comparison

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