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React Native: Know About Its Features, Uses and Advantages

React Native refers to the JavaScript framework that is used to write native and real native applications for Android and iOS. It is based on Facebook’s JavaScript library, React. It focuses on building great user interfaces and targeting mobile platforms along with web browsers. In layman’s terms, web developers can therefore write several different mobile applications that feel and look truly native. All of these actions can be performed under the comfort of the library of JavaScript that is used by many. Moreover, since many of the codes that are written are shared among different platforms, React Native makes things easier by the simultaneous development of both Android and iOS. 

Similar to the React used for Web, the applications of React Native are written in a manner that makes use of XML-Esque and JavaScript markups that are referred to as JSX. The application will therefore get rendered by using real mobile UI pieces and not web views. React Native apps can therefore access all of the features such as the location of the user or the phone’s camera. 

Features Of React Native 

One of the things that tend to be the most appealing to web developers is the fact that React Native is packed with useful features which only makes it more popular. 

One of the features that is quite popular is “adoption”. This refers to React Native taking an existing XML/HTML/underscaped script and converting it into a native code. When it comes to the development of hybrid apps, this feature tends to be very useful. For instance, when it comes to the development of an action UI that feels and looks similar to an Android or iPhone application but instead is written in C++ or Java, the script of Java can be simply converted into the React Native’s code. There are several different other features that allow web developers to create applications with ease. 

Another great feature of React Native is referred to as “webpack”. Here, the webpage aids in packing up all of the native codes into a single yet small file enabling React Native to link everything together. In easier terms, it can be said that instead of creating different files when the native app is being created, a major time-saver can be to scrunch up everything together. 

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Advantages Of React Native

React Native
React Native Framework


One of the main reasons why React Native app development company has gained much of its popularity is because of the advantages it has. Let’s take a look at what those are. 

  1. Community-driven: Back in 2013, the framework’s development led to the hackathon effort which directly responded to the requirement of the developer community – it was in search of an alternative mobile that would combine all of the necessary advantages of the mobile application development with the agility and power of the React Native community. This led to the creation of the framework created by Facebook. There are many advantages when it comes to using an environment that is community-driven.
  2. Live reload: Right after React, React Native is the next best thing. It is built on the same ideas as React thereby allowing in the creation of powerful mobile applications. Moreover, the features of React Native have many extra abilities that users will not find anywhere else outside the native framework. This feature in particular enables users to see the latest changes.
  3. Cost saving and maximum code reuse: Through the usage of React native, similar codes can be used for the purpose of deployment on Android and iOS. This leads to greater savings when it comes to the time and cost. Theoretically speaking, the effort on development can be cut to half. However, in practice, cost savings is a bit low but enough to make your investments worthwhile.
  4. Strong performance for the mobile environments: The React native architecture is tuned quite well to all the mobile devices. It uses Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) whereas the platforms on native uses Central Processing Units. When compared to the hybrid technologies out there, React Native is lightning fast.

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Due to the fact that React Native makes use of similar ideas and notions that React was built on, the flexibility within the creative team therefore increases. This has also proved to be a great advantage since testers tend to take lesser time when it comes to understanding program logic and test scenarios. Make sure you select the best React Native app development company for your tasks.

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