qbrobotics strengthens

qbrobotics strengthens its presence on the UAE market and opens a representative office in Dubai

qbroboticsis an Italian company that produces innovative devices implementing the soft-robotics technology in 3 mainareas: Industry, Researchand Educational.

The great vocation of qbrobotics for Innovation and Research allows to have constantly updated products and always new and interesting applications.

qbrobotics sells its products to Official Distributors and System Integrators, appropriately trained, who can provide highly professional service and support to the end customer.

The new qbrobotics office in Dubai, therefore, aims to provide existing customers with local support and, above all, to extend the partnership network in the United Arab Emirates.

What are the mostimportant devices produced by qbrobotics?

The qbSoftHand Industry and qbSoftClaware idealfor industrial applications. The qbSoftHand Industry – compliant with the main standards and certifications of industrial and collaborative robotics – adapts to the grip of objects of different shapes and is useful for example for non-precision pick & place. The qbSoftClaw, instead, is a compact, light and versatile gripper with variable rigidity and it is ideal for applications that require precision.

For applications in the Corporate R&D field,Universities and Research Centers (also in the biomedical and prosthetic fields), qbroboticsprovides the qbSoftHandResearchand the new qb SoftHand2 Research(recentlylaunched on the market). The qb SoftHand2 Researchisthe stronger, intelligent and versatile evolution of qbSoftHand Research that allows you to more faithfully replicate the movements of the human hand, opening up to new extremely interesting and innovative applications.

qbrobotics also thinks about how to educate in the culture of robotics which can obviously be one of the most important technological trends to be explored in the coming years. With this goal, it provides also standard kit and DelMo kit, designed to help students approaching the interesting world of robotics.

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Innumerablepotentialapplications for thesekind of devices, veryinterestingfor the United Arab Emirates that are at the first place in the Arab world for innovation, with strategic plans aimed at science and technology supported by a series of new national legislative, investment, technological, educational and financial policies aimed at diversifying the national economy.

Fertile ground for qbrobotics in both Industry and Research, which led to the decision to have a local point of reference in the United Arab Emirates.

For more information: https://qbrobotics.com/contacts/

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