Prerequisites for obtaining British citizenship via Global Talent Visa

For talented and promising individuals who seek to work in the UK in particular fields such as the sciences, the humanities, engineering, the arts, and technology, the Global Talent visa is the ideal path. If you were recognised as a Talented applicant, you can settle in the UK after three years, or after five years if you were selected as a Promise candidate. You might be able to submit an application for British citizenship after completing your settlement application and the necessary resident time in the UK.

Brief on Global Talent visa

The Global Talent visa offers greater flexibility than other types of visas. Any visa with a validity of one year to five years may be requested by an individual. Despite the fact that the regulations provide applications for extensions, it may not be required for the immigrant to renew their visa because settlement (indefinite leave to remain) can be obtained without one.

The guidelines let the migrant work in any type of position falling into their endorsement category. For instance, if an applicant is sponsored by Tech Nation in a certain expert field, they are free to accept any position in the same area of digital technology. It’s crucial to keep in mind that if the immigrant requests an extension or settlement, they must demonstrate that they have made a living in the UK and that their earnings were related to the field of expertise that led to their first endorsement.

But as you can see, these conditions are somewhat open-ended, and starting your own company offers a lot of space and flexibility.

Applications for extensions and settlements don’t need a further endorsement from the endorsing body unless such endorsement has been revoked.

The Global Talent visa offers a variety of benefits, including

  • If a firm wants to hire you, they do not need to obtain a UK Sponsor Licence; you can work for an employer, be a director of a company, or be self-employed in the field you were endorsed.
  • If you join the UK using the Exceptional Promise route, you have five years to apply for settlement; if you arrive through the Global Talent route, you have three years.
  • You are not required to notify the Home Office if you change employment.

How long can you stay on the Global Talent visa?

Once accepted, a person may stay in the UK for a minimum of one year and a maximum of five years. After that, submit an application for an extension as often as you’d like. Additionally, you have the choice to apply for ILR.

How may your Global Talent visa be extended?

Holders of Global Talent visas may submit a request for an extension if

The organisation that gave you its endorsement has not revoked it.

During your last leave in the UK, you amassed enormous wealth in your area of speciality.

ILR criteria for Global Talent visa

After three or five years in the category, holders of Global Talent Visas are eligible for settlement or Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). Whether the application was approved under the “leader” or “emerging leader” criteria above and whether the approval was given by one of the Science organisations will determine how long the qualifying period is. After three years of being on the Global Talent visa path, applicants who have received endorsement from scientific organisations will be eligible for ILR.

Three or Five Years of Eligibility

For those, the qualifying term is three years.

Recognised in science, either the UKRI Endorsed Funder route, or as a “recognised leader” under Exceptional Talent (whether under Exceptional Talent, or Exceptional Promise).

The five-year threshold applies to people who:

Acknowledged as an “emerging leaders” in digital technology or the arts under the Exceptional Promise programme.

To meet the necessary qualifying term, time under Tier 2 visas may be added to time under Global Talent (formerly Tier 1 Exceptional Talent/ Promise).

The qualifying term for family members on Dependent visas is always 5 years, under Dependent visas exclusively, even if the primary applicant is allowed to file for ILR after 3 years.

Outstanding Talent/Promise Recommendation

Holders of the Global Talent (formerly Tier 1 Exceptional Talent/ Promise) visa must confirm that they are still endorsed while applying for ILR. However, there is no need to provide proof of this as their visa would have been revoked if the endorsement had been removed.

After receiving a Global Talent/Tier 1 Exceptional Talent/Promise visa, applicants must demonstrate that they have made money in the UK working in their field of competence. This usually includes copies of their pay stubs and bank statements for at least three months, along with a letter from their department or college of work as proof of employment. In rare circumstances, it can be necessary to provide proof of self-employment instead.

It’s important to note that dependents’ regulations vary, and it’s not always the case that they can apply for ILR after three years alongside the primary applicant.

The applicant must demonstrate that, in addition to the appropriately qualifying time listed above, during the most recent leave, they made money related to their area of expertise. Documents proving income, evidence of self-employment, proof of company profits, or, for researchers, a letter from the organization where the funding was received are all examples of acceptable proof.
The candidate will also need to fulfil KoLL standards, which include passing a living in the UK test and an authorized English language test at level B1.

Absences for ILR applications for Global Talent Visa

Similar to other PBS applications (such as Tier 2 ILR), the absence criteria for applications for indefinite leave to remain through the Global Talent Visa route states that a candidate may not be away from the UK for more than six months in any 12-month period. For candidates who have been approved in the disciplines of science, medicine, engineering, and humanities, there are exceptions that allow them to deduct absences related to an international study. Their partners are subject to the same exclusions.

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