Practical Steps for the Right Cosplay Costume Choices

That’s it you’ve found one or two characters you want to play, now you have to move on to the manufacture of the costume and accessories but where to start? As you Buy Cosplay Costumes you can have the best options available now.

Design Analysis

Your first task will be to find as many reference images as possible, if possible in good quality so that you can observe the details. If parts of the design usually the back or feet cannot be found or if there are no good quality images, you will have to use your imagination, and invent something. It must be something consistent with the rest of the design and the character’s universe.

The reflection stage is important and often overlooked. It avoids certain mistakes and allows you to learn to work with other materials. Little by little you will create a knowledge base and you will be more versatile in your crafts.

Take a look at the costume as a whole: if you have a realistic or good quality synthetic character, the textures will guide you on the materials to use. Depending on the era or the genre of universe (science fiction, fantasy, medieval, etc.), we will not necessarily use the same materials.

Then you can take each part of the costume one by one, and write down the materials you think you will use. This step allows you to check what you already know how to do, and what requires more research. Write down as much information as possible on a draft. As you choose the bunny girl senpai costume you can expect the best outcomes.

Also Think About Technical Constraints

Theory and the practice are two different worlds. When on paper everything was so simple. But don’t panic, you will always find solutions. Never give up. Think about the weight constraints, the places of the fasteners and their efficiency, the necessary mobility, the dressing, and the transport of your parts. It would be annoying to have to invest in a moving truck every time you go to a convention.

Fishing for News

For the parts that stick, either you realize that you do not want to leave immediately on a costume too complex, or you go hunting for information. Get in the habit of following the work of cosplayers and artists whose work you like. Some cosplayers share a lot of information about how to make their cosplay, and even if you don’t make the same character as them, their ideas and tips will come in handy for your current or future projects.

Little by little, write down the tips, save the links and the videos in a document, to build a base of tutorials. A little mine of information that it is good to review regularly to remember all these techniques. Some social media to follow other cosplayers:

Instagram: This is the most popular social network for following artists. You can easily discover new creative thanks to the suggestions on the home page, and the possibility of subscribing to specific Hashtags. And being a social network based on the visual, the beautiful images, Instagram is fun to use for anything creative.

Pinterest: It’s not really a social network, but it’s a real gold mine of tutorials and inspiration. Anything that’s on Pinterest, you can’t find it on Google, so it’s really exclusive info.

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