PlayStation 5 (tips and tricks):

If you have a PlayStation 5 then either you are very lucky or you must have scored one for Christmas but the most important thing is that you have one. I would say congratulations, and a very warm welcome to the whole new world of gaming generation and modern technology. Now many of you don’t know the amount of hidden features of PS5, so we have collected a few tips and tricks for you to try on your PS5 console. Also, if you can check our website about fake California id.

Power off or Restarting the PS5:

You might be laughing or certainly mocking on seeing this tip. You must be thinking like; how hard is it to turn a PS5 console?” Now to be honest I DID NOT spend 10 minutes or an hour on finding the power off option! You see if you had a PS4 before, you would try to press and hold the power button to pop up the power off option but in PS5 you just have to press it once. Once the button is pressed, a menu will pop up on the bottom of the screen and you will see the power off option on the right side of the screen.

Transferring files:

You can transfer files as well as games on your PS5 if you had a PS4 before and you don’t want to lose any data. While you set up your PS5 you will be asked to transfer the files and games. Don’t worry if you have accidentally skipped it you can still go to your setting and transfer your files and stuff.

So if you have skipped it, all you need to do is go to the settings > system > system software. Now choose the data you would like to transfer and then press continue.

How many hours you spent on a game:

In PS5 you have this option in which you can see for how many hours you were playing a single game. Isn’t that great!! Create or choose the avatar you want for yourself and select the profile option and then the games tab. You will see the time you spent on the games you have been playing.

Mobile app:

You can also download the PlayStation app on your android or iOS and remote control your PS5. You can access your profile, chat with your PS5 friends, also see the most recent news and go through the PlayStation store. The fun doesn’t stop here you can also control your downloads, sign in, check storage space.

Stream on different devices:

We all love to set the PlayStation devices on the biggest screen we have in our house, which is usually in the lounge. But sometimes we need to turn it off because of some kids who want to watch cartoons or guests. This option is the best solution you can have and it is a great idea. Turn it on through the setting and stream it to your mobile, tablet or any other device you have in your home.

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