Perks Of Becoming A Pilot

When you were a child, did you dream of flying an airplane when you saw one flying in the sky? As you have grown older, you would have understood that it is not as easy as you thought. Growing up may have brought with it stress and anxiety. You might have developed a fear of height. Therefore, when you are fearful yourself, it is natural that you will want to stay away from a profession where you have to be safe yourself and be responsible for the safety of hundreds of passengers every day.

Get Trained

The good news is one can resolve some of these concerns with practice. The need for airline pilot training from professional flight training comes into the picture in this scenario. Flight training schools such as Hillsboro Aero Academy are IS-BAO Stage 3 certified regarding safety rating standards. A student who graduates from such an institute is in practice with high levels of safety and professionalism before entering the workplace. It also increases his chances of being recruited compared to his counterparts.

Other than the concerns mentioned already in the beginning, there are a few things you should know before you begin:

  • Pilot training is expensive.
  • Being a pilot will require high levels of dedication, patience, perseverance and commitment.
  • You will have to be thorough with the theory and practical lessons to get a commercial pilot license.

What Advantages Come With Becoming A Pilot?

If you can overcome the above, you have a high chance of being paid a lucrative fee. The aviation industry is in a crisis of pilots and is ready to hire pilots for a higher salary than they already receive. In addition to the pay, there are other perks that only a person in the pilot profession can exclusively enjoy. Some of them are as follows:

  •  You become a part of the elite fraternity.
  • As a part of your regular work, you get to see the stunning view as it looks a thousand feet above the ground. Also, when you fly alone at night for hours and then see the sun rising from the clouds, is it not rewarding and worth the hours of flight?
  • Pilots have access to personal airplanes. Being one of those selected people who get to enjoy this is certainly a privilege worth mentioning.
  • Most professions become monotonous when the employee has to do the same old job every day. With becoming a pilot, adventure becomes a part of your regular work life. When you start as a pilot, you get a rush of adrenaline. Upon gaining more experience of flying high, you will like to find new places to fly to and new things to learn. Every time you make a successful landing after flying such great heights, you will feel a sense of accomplishment, increasing your confidence in yourself.
  • The profession will make you smarter. Flying as a pilot will require you to take the aircraft above the ground with passengers daily. You will become more responsible and a better decision-maker. With time, you will become a better meteorologist, a better planner, and improve your Maths skills. For instance, with time, practice and experience, you will know which route will avoid mountains on the way and prevent turbulence due to a change in air pressure.


The profession of a pilot is challenging. However, if you are confident, ambitious about the profession, are passionate about the career choice and do not want to listen to the naysayers, this is your time to live your dreams. With its bounty of Pandora’s box, the aviation industry and nature await you.

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