PenTest+ Objectives: What Should My Employees know?

PenTest+ Objectives: What Should My Employees know?

There are numerous intelligent employers; you know that cybersecurity has been in high demand for a long time. It can be considered the top priority if the company wants to secure its crucial information from being hacked and its business being crippled. This factor sums up to be the factor that employers seek for professionals who are skilled in cybersecurity. Due to this reason, ethical hackers for hire do a full-time job to secure essential information in the devices by identifying vulnerabilities, applying patches to the areas where the problems occur, and detecting intrusion to seal off the data network from future attacks.

The penetration testers generally look forward to 3 kinds of threats, namely human, natural and technical. The three different types of threats also have their styles. The human trait includes using malware. A malicious software specifically built to steal data, cause harm, and abuse crucial information, including Trojan horses, worms, viruses, and many more. Natural threats feature disasters like floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, and many more. On the other hand, web attacks and zero-day attacks fall under technical threats. Cybersecurity professionals are being hired in numerous organizations o prevent the website some vulnerability.

PenTest+ Objectives: What Should My Employees know?

What do we understand from penetration testing?

Everything depends on the complexity and the size of the business any organization or individual is doing. A company assigns numerous cybersecurity specialists based on its size and complexity. Every company is required to have one or more penetration testers among those cybersecurity specialists. The main work they have to do is to maintain the CIA triad. 

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Let us discuss the CIA triads:

Confidentiality: confidentiality is a crucial term that means restricting certain information to a selected audience. It requires specific tactics to maintain confidentiality. Preserving confidentiality requires the individuals to use static such as continuous user ids and passwords, encryption, and biometrics, including fingerprints, facial recognition, and retinal scan. The following also uses two-factor authentication, which instructions various users not to access the system in public places.

Integrity: integrity means safeguarding the sanctity of the detailed information and assuring yourself that the information is entirely accurate all over its lifetime. The following also says that the data information should be taken good care of and never be lost or changed in transit.

Availability: Availability means providing access of data access to individuals who need it. This CIA triad domain features the necessary connectivity, hard work, personnel, redundancy and facility, and various mechanisms in case of trouble or failure.

Advantages of CompTIA PenTest+ certification:

From a survey, it has been known that famous independent consultant and veteran CompTIA SME (Subject Matter Expert) Luis Viera believes that education can be the solution to problems like the shortage of qualified penetration testers. Individuals need to prepare thoroughly for the certification exam of the following and then appear it. It is never easy to achieve certification. Cybersecurity is very soon going to dominate the world because of its increasing demand.

It is even possible for individuals to qualify for the certification exam by attending online sessions and reading books on penetration testing. The online sessions are given by trained professionals who are qualified enough to clear the concepts of the individuals going for the following. The instructors are brought from a crowd of experts practicing cybersecurity to become professionals and individuals capable of imparting experiential learning. They know their work and have already come across numerous situations that users cannot incorporate into texts.

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People from various regions are abiding by the best comforting factors delivered by CompTIA. Professionals are acknowledging consistency by availing of multiple grants and accessories to the users. Users can become proficient in calculating risks and analyzing the steps. Thus, the credential can become the notch for all realms. Moreover, it can assist in coping with the firm needs by developing crucial pointers.


Also, the cybersecurity domain is multiplying. Cybersecurity experts always look forward to developing better and introducing better tools that safeguard the information systems. They also spur hackers to build their expertise. Due to this reason, the best-selling book is out of date as soon as it is printed.

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