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There are two possibilities when buying a computer. Buy an already assembled PC, or buy the various parts that can be assembled together separately. In the second case, when choosing the type of PC to buy PC Power Up hardware review site is the best platform. You should carefully observe the characteristics of the selected components and avoid creating PCs that already have slow or outdated components.

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Therefore, PC Power Up site will show you the best components you can buy to assemble your ideal high-level PC, use the right amount of money, and use only the latest components.


Motherboards integrate various components and circulate data between CPUs, RAM, disks, and other connected peripherals. Without them, there is no point in buying other components for your PC!

Depending on the processor you choose, you need to choose a motherboard that is compatible with the Intel and AMD processors listed on PC Power Up site.

Whichever motherboard you choose, it is fully compatible with the CPUs you choose (Intel and Intel, AMD and AMD are recommended) & the components listed on the site.



For RAM, you need to have enough installation to open all applications and operating systems without slowing down, but you also need to pay attention to memory type and clock speed, so PC Power Up site also guide you in such situation. You can use high-speed RAM memory. For a good desktop PC, we recommend using at least 16 GB of RAM so that you don’t have to change it after a few years (8 GB has become the minimum standard. Invest more money. However, it is better to have more memory).

Advice only: Always choose at least two RAM banks to take advantage of dual channel and improve performance. Therefore, avoid using a single bank of RAM, even with the recommended capacity (2x8GB is sufficient, but a single 16GB module should be avoided).


Internal Disk:-

Currently, the fastest drives are solid state drives or SSD drives that do not have movable mechanical parts. Therefore, they are more tolerant and very fast. In addition to SSDs, you can also use M.2 SSD modules. This is a very fast memory card that can be connected directly to the motherboard without a SATA cable. In any case, it’s a good idea to focus on the capacity of 1 TB. Capacity is affordable and data, programs, and operating systems can be stored on a single disk.


Power Supply:-

The power supply powers all the components we’ve seen so far, so PC Power Up plays a very important role in choosing the components to assemble a new PC. Powered from a power source, you must choose one that is powerful enough to power the CPU, motherboard, RAM, SSD, and even other components and peripherals that you will connect in the future).

If possible, choose a power supply of 500W or higher with semi-modular cables (that is, some cables can be removed when not in use) to ensure a neat case and good air circulation.

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