Patient What is the Patient Portal?

Patient What is the Patient Portal?

In order to distribute COVID-19 test results and support Coronavirus testing campaigns, the majority of healthcare organizations, medical centers, and urgent care centers rely on the Patient . Because of this tendency, companies and IT companies are under pressure to ensure that people can visit the patient portal, wiz. Functioning, and that patients can comprehend the lab data that appears on the portal.

About the Patient

Despite the fact that many medical facilities have long offered patient portal accessibility, it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic that the technology was widely used by the general public. In accordance with the National Coordinator for Health IT, as of April 2019, mostly all hospitals enabled patient portal access, while many of them stated that only around a significant proportion of patients had officially signed up for the service.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that now the COVID-19 outbreak has been a substantial use cases for the patient despite the absence of verifiable numbers. To put it another way, more patients are now opening accounts on portals after realizing the importance of this type of resource in their medical journeys. Patient access to COVID-19 lab results is a key factor in this.

How is the Patient helpful? 

It also suggests that many patients might not be conscious about how to register for an account just on patient portal and healthcare providers should take that into account. Once more, straight-forward signup procedures for patient portal is not a brand-new concept. Businesses have long recognized the need of simplifying the patient registration process for a great experience.

Communicating Test Results in an Understandable Way

  • Whatever the result, statistics shows that people prefer to access their lab results through email or the patient site. According to a 2017 research published by the American Journal of Managed Care, 77percent of the total of patients prefer to use the patient portal to view their test results.
  • The in-person process can take time, as evidenced by the fact that over 75% of respondents reported to have waited up to an hour in a hospital or doctor’s office for test results. And the rest of respondents stated that receiving lab results, such as those obtained from a coronavirus test, reduces the likelihood that they would forget to provide important clinical information. If they are within the gateway, it will be easier to allow them to allude to those results.
  • There are certain limitations on this, though. The patient portal’s terminology has to be understandable for individuals seeing lab tests at leisure without the physicians onsite. Only 36% of American patients, based on certain estimates, possess the necessary health literacy skills; thus, it is the obligation of doctors and the resources they use to make data available.
  • In the instance of a COVID-19 test, it could be helpful for patient portals to provide simple language to signify a favorable or negative result. Giving patients the option to look more attentively at the findings after receiving a message that states COVID-19 (+ve) or “COVID-19( –ve) may be beneficial.

Organizing a Well-Ordered Call Center

A patient who is using the patient portal to view the COVID-19 lab test results is still welcome to contact, of course. She might wish to follow up about the following steps even if she had a negative result since, as was already indicated, she might not comprehend her results. Some patients could have found it difficult or impossible to use the Patient at all, and they might opt to call the office or hospital to receive their findings. Keeping these channels open and flowing rapidly will be essential for a positive patient experience.

During the early pandemic spike, a lot of healthcare organizations employed call center automation to move patients quickly through the phone lines. Automation can help detect patient requirements and guide patients to the right information sources. Patients who have particular inquiries, such as where to park, can talk with a contact center bot.

However, an automated process can also connect a patient to a contact center representative if she needs to talk with a specialist about the results of her COVID-19 test. The patient experience may be improved if contact center representatives were given more calls to address more quickly.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Patient

Advantages of patient portals

Drawbacks of patient portals

  • Patient portals give chances to collect more complete and precise patient information by allowing patients to examine their medical information and contact with their doctors
  • Patients may check their data to see if there are any errors or discrepancies in their health record, and they can then take action by securely contacting their doctor or bringing up the matter at their subsequent appointment.
  • Despite the fact that patients are unable to manually rectify these issues their own, this small patient information control increases the likelihood that clinicians will have access to more accurate and full patient data, which will improve the quality of treatment they can offer.
  • Patients’ resistance to using patient portals is indeed the drawback that is most commonly mentioned by physicians. Although most healthcare professionals are aware of the benefits of having a patient portal, users are rarely as enthusiastic about it as healthcare professionals are.
  • The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) substantial use criteria for patient portals include restrictions for patient portals, which adds another argument against the implementation of patient portals. Portals are occasionally perceived adversely because providers have trouble meeting the criteria for meaningful use attestation despite the fact that it is obvious that they have no influence over the conduct of their patients.


There are a number of advantages to employing patient portal program for your medical business. You should be prepared to use a patient portal once you have taken these factors into account. Which platform you choose to utilize is the only choice left. Hope this helped you get what you have been looking for.

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