Organic Supplements For Dogs

Seeing your pups run around the garden daily filled with a joy that never seems to end is such a pleasure, knowing they are living their best life and doing so to the fullest. And to be honest you have had an integral part in that, more so than they or other pet owners may realize and this is due to a good diet. 

Getting the essential vitamins and minerals needed for daily functioning and for energy fuel they can usually be found in vegetables and certain meats or proteins, but an added supplement will take their health to the next level. 

Giving them more. 

To give your dog a daily supplement you need to know which the best option is and what would benefit the specific breed that you have, so research and homework are key. Knowing what to look for in a reputable and reliable brand is easily done when you have a foundation of key features to be aware of. 

Write down a few notes (some of which we will look at to get you started) and ensure that the organic supplements for dogs you are considering suit your pups’ dietary requirements and your budget. Now let’s see a handful of fundamentals to get the ball rolling and your furry family member on track to an even healthier diet plan and lifestyle.

  • Testing. Opt for companies that conduct trials and tests on their products and have records and results publically available for everyone to see, this way you have peace of mind that they pride themselves in a safe product and have your pets’ best interest in mind.
  • Labels. Read the ingredients listed on labels and product stickers, that the protein content is the main component, and that it has no preservatives or added chemicals. If the ingredient names are unpronounceable or you have no idea what the items are do you really want to be giving that to your four-legged friend?
  • Code. Try to find a product code and lot number for the batch you are purchasing, you will know that it can be traced back if anything were to go wrong, and essentially testing is done per batch to make sure everything is up to regulations and standards. 

If you are still feeling daunted and overwhelmed by what all needs to be checked then fear not you are not alone in this anxiety, plenty of new pet owners experience this. Take a quick moment to look here,%2C%20crude%20fiber%2C%20and%20water at some tips and advice on what to look for when out shopping for doggy food groceries. 

  • Reputation. We are all drawn to brands and companies whose names are well known and this is most likely your best option and it will make you feel more relaxed. If you have done your homework, however, there are smaller boutique brands that are just as reliable and sought after.
  • Cost. Be very aware of prices that seem too good to be true (we all know that they usually are), the last thing you want is to buy an essentially diluted product that offers no effect and wastes your money. Check the average prices for your product across a few brands and stores and calculate the average you should be paying.


Is it necessary?

Like with all products across industries there are always going to be critics or naysayers when it comes to what is or isn’t right for your pup, but learning the reasons why you need them and what they bring to the table will help you conclude. 

Supplements are products that offer the minerals and vitamins that are lost during the cooking process of your dogs’ meals, this way they have a well-balanced and all-around nutrient-rich meal plan. They help boost and strengthen the immune system and thus protect your pup against illness or health ailments that become more common as they age. 

If you have ever had a dog that has had ticks or fleas you will know all too well the nightmare it can bring to the home, combine that with a detrimental skin condition, and suddenly your pet is worse for wear. Supplements nourish the fur and coats and prevent skin irritations or hair loss which can be distressing for your furry family member. 

To learn more about it click here, it is always better to know more and as much as possible about a topic, like the old saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. Speaking to your vet is a good way to stay on top of things and they will be able to advise you on what precautions to take so that it doesn’t happen again. 

A final point to be aware of is your animal’s digestive system and bowel movements, it is a quick indicator if something is wrong. An all-natural supplement implemented into their diet will increase the efficacy in which the food is broken down and digested.

To conclude.

There is always something more we can do with our pets to help them grow because we know growth is not found in your comfort zone. Implement new ingredients (gradually) to give more fats and carbohydrates into the diet, change up the training regimes to confuse and build the muscles, all these things working together will benefit your pet’s homeostasis. 

They will thank you for it and be happier well into their golden years and third trimester.

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