How to Open Easypaisa Account

How to Open Easypaisa Account (Easypaisa Account Sign Up)

Easypaisa is a rapidly expanding platform with over 75000 shops throughout Pakistan. This is the world’s largest mobile wallet, created specifically to assist mobile users with their everyday commercial and household payment requirements.

Easypaisa account sign-up is a great method to get started with Easypaisa and fulfill all of your financial requirements for sending and receiving money. Furthermore, this is an empowering way for paying bills from the comfort of your own home, distribution of wages, transfer contributions, insurance amounts, savings, and much more.

All of these financial activities are now feasible even if you don’t have access to the internet. However, to download the Easypaisa software on your Android or iOS smartphone, you will need a steady internet connection.

What exactly is Easypaisa?

What exactly is Easypaisa?

Easypaisa, Pakistan’s rising mobile money transfer service, was launched in 2009 with the help of Telenor. It is a mobile wallet that is connected with Telenor Microfinance Bank and operates as a branchless banking service provider.

The goal of this invention is to provide the groundwork for a digital system by digitizing financial services. As a result, Easypaisa is a game-changer in the field of money transfer, focusing only on end-user ease and dependability.

Install the Easypaisa app on your smartphone to get access to this mobile money transfer system. This platform enables the underserved to get access to financial services. You do not need to be concerned if you have not yet established an account with any bank. Easypaisa is here to help you with all of your financial needs, including money transfers.

Remember when a digital platform like this seemed impossible to imagine? However, as a result of the huge inflow of technology in Pakistan, many companies are progressively becoming digital.

Before transferring money to your loved ones via the bank, you must go through many steps. Easypaisa, on the other hand, is a very useful tool that enables you to transfer money from the comfort of your own home. Isn’t it incredible?

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With the Easypaisa account sign-up, you can now transfer money to your friends and family with only one click. So all you have to do now is create an Easypaisa account and you’re done. Allow us to demonstrate how simple and dependable this digital money transfer service is.

How can I sign up for an Easypaisa account?

How to open the Easypaisa Account?

You may easily create an Easypaisa account while drinking your cup of tea. In just a few minutes, you can sign up for an Easypaisa account by following a few easy steps. Furthermore, this service is accessible in Pakistan for both Telenor and non-Telenor mobile customers.

All you have to do is download the Easypaisa software on a phone that has an active SIM card. Let’s get started with the process.

  • To begin, go to Google Play Store or App Store and download the Easypaisa app for Android or iOS.
  • After that, go to your smartphone and launch the Easypaisa app.
  • Now, in the necessary area, enter your cell phone number and click next.
  • Enter your CNIC number and the date your identification card/CNIC number was issued.
  • After that, you’ll be prompted to choose your city before pressing the “Submit” button.
  • Easy Paisa is available for download.

How can I get my Easypaisa account activated?

To create your Easypaisa account, enter a 5-digit number as your PIN code. Re-enter your PIN to double-check it. Later, while entering your Easypaisa account, you will be prompted to enter the PIN you generated. Keep in mind that your PIN is private; do not reveal it to anybody.

Your Easypaisa account has been successfully established on your mobile phone, which may be used with any network or SIM card.

You may now use Easypaisa’s services with your smartphone after creating your PIN code.

How can I open a Telenor Easypaisa account?

You may simply create an Easypaisa account if you are a Telenor customer or subscriber. Enjoy the advantages of the Easypaisa mobile wallet by following a few easy steps.

  1. To begin, dial *786# from your mobile phone’s calling pad.
  2. You will then be prompted to enter a 5-digit PIN.
  3. Then, for extra assurance, re-enter your newly generated PIN.
  4. Your Easypaisa account has been created and activated successfully.
  5. Dial *786# from your smartphone to access Easypaisa account services. You may also go to your local Telenor Franchise or Easypaisa Retailer.

How to Register for Easypaisa on a Zong or Non-Telenor SIM Card

If you do not have a Telenor mobile phone, the Easypaisa account will provide you with the same advantages. Create an Easypaisa account in no time by following easy steps.

  • To begin, open your messaging app on your smartphone.
  • Second, put the EP space> your CNIC number in the message field and send it to 0345-1113737.
  • You will get a call from an Easypaisa representative for additional verification after receiving this SMS. After a few inquiries from the representative, your Easypaisa account will be created and registered.
  • After you’ve confirmed all of your required information, you’ll be prompted to generate a PIN.
  • For PIN code creation, enter PIN<Space>
  • 5 digit PIN<Space>
  • In the message area, confirm the 5-digit PIN and send it to 0345-1113737 once again.
  • Following this step, you will get a confirmation SMS from 3737 indicating that your PIN code was properly created and that you may continue.
  • You may now use SMS to access all of Easypaisa’s services. You may also visit your local retail store to take advantage of additional Easypaisa services.
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Easypaisa’s official website may be found here for additional information.

How can I make use of my Easypaisa account?

How to use Easypaisa Account?

Following the creation of your Easypaisa account, you will be able to use the following services:

  1. With an Easypaisa account, you may pay your utility bills before the due date.
  2. This mobile money transfer service will save you time since your financial transaction is just a click away.
  3. In contrast to other online providers, the Easypaisa service is less costly.
  4. Another good news is that you may use your Easypaisa account to transfer money or cash to a bank.
  5. You may send contributions to any charity using the Easypaisa service.
  6. This is a fantastic mobile wallet for international money transfers.
  7. You may get an Rs. 10,000 short-term loans by dialing *786*7#.
  8. You will get various insurance options when you sign up for an Easypaisa account. Any insurance offer is available to users of our mobile payment service.
  9. You may also use this platform to top up your prepaid amount on any network. Postpaid customers, on the other hand, may pay their bills at any time and from anywhere.
  10. Not only that but your Easypaisa mobile account may also be used to buy cinema tickets.
  11. Create an Easypaisa account and use the ATM card feature to send and receive money.

How can I check the balance of my Easypaisa account?

By calling *786# from your mobile phone, you may check the balance of your Easypaisa account. You’ll be prompted to enter your PIN code, which is five digits long. Choose “Check Account Balance” from the dialogue box that displays on your phone screen after this step. On your phone screen, you will get full information about your Easypaisa account balance straight now.

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How can you deposit into your Easypaisa account?

Deposit money into your Easypaisa account to take benefit of all of the aforementioned processes. You may make this deposit at any Telenor franchise location or any Easypaisa store. If you already have a bank account, the procedure becomes much simpler. In such a scenario, you may use your Mastercard or Visa card to fund your Easypaisa account.

You may make your phone number your best Easypaisa account by following the steps outlined below. 

Let us show you how to transfer money from your Easypaisa account or to another Easypaisa account through bank transfer.

  1. To begin, go into the online banking site of the bank with which you have an account.
  2. Second, add yourself as a beneficiary by providing your Easypaisa account information.
  3. Select Telenor Microfinance Bank as your beneficiary bank after this step.
  4. Then your bank account number will be requested. This is the same phone number as your Easypaisa account.
  5. At this point, the system will automatically get your information. To finish your beneficiary process, click “Submit.”
  6. Hooray, you may now transfer money from your bank account to your Easypaisa account.
  7. Never before has sending money been so simple!

What is the procedure for deactivating an Easypaisa account?

Easypaisa is a money transfer platform that you will adore after you establish an account. You may deactivate your Easypaisa account at any moment if you wish to cancel it. To do so, provide a copy of your CNIC to your closest city Telenor franchise.

To cancel your Easypaisa account, you will be required to complete a form. The site will deactivate your Easypaisa account after appropriate verification from the client.

At the end-

As a result, Easypaisa is a simple way to send money to anybody in Pakistan, in any city. You may pay your energy bills and efficiently manage your other financial activities using over 70000 Easypaisa platforms in Pakistan. So, get the Easypaisa app for your smartphone, download an Easypaisa account, join up, and start sending and receiving money cheaply and quickly. You’re just a few clicks away from taking advantage of the Easypaisa account sign-up advantages. So, what do you have to lose?

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