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Online Social Media Marketing Course: Get Certified in Social Media Strategy

The Creative Market team decided to take a unique approach to social media marketing with their new Social Media Course. The Social Media Course is an online class that teaches the basics of how to use social media for business and brand marketing, with the ultimate goal of becoming a certified social media strategist. n just 12 weeks, you’ll complete everything from using hashtags and monitoring your brand on Facebook and Twitter to creating your ads on Instagram or Youtube.” And have it say, “In just 12 weeks, you’ll complete everything from using hashtags and monitoring your brand on Facebook and Twitter to creating your ads on Instagram or Youtube using the correct ad specs and video formats.

Why is the Creative Market’s Social Media Course different from other courses in the social media space?

We believe the biggest challenge with social media marketing is that there isn’t enough comprehensive information to make it easy for marketers. The current strength of social media marketing is all over the place, making it difficult to find factual information that applies to all organizations. While Creative Market’s previous Social Media Strategy course was an incredible resource, it didn’t cover everything you’d need to know. We saw a need for this – a course that teaches how to use social media clearly and concisely.

What kind of students will benefit from this course?

The course is designed for people who consider themselves beginners in social media marketing. We assume you know the basics of using Facebook and Twitter but might not know how to create a complete strategy. With our online class, you will gain confidence in using social media as a channel for brand and business on course selling marketing. We also want to help people stuck in the middle with their knowledge – they may have an existing social media strategy but need better ways to measure it or improve it over time. You don’t need any formal training to take the course – we intend that anyone who starts their seat should be able to finish it.

What are some of the highlights of the course?

Many courses are about teaching you how to use individual tools and tactics. Instead, we’ve taken a holistic view and built a thorough course to help you understand the entire process. For example, you’ll learn how to set goals for your organization and measure your efforts by tracking analytics like traffic and new followers. You’ll start to put together your own social media strategy, focusing on the things that will have the biggest impact on your business or brand. Online market is the best platform to sell courses online You’ll eventually learn how to create social media accounts for every product in your organization and how to focus on one account at a time until it reaches a certain level of success. We’ll cover all the tools and tactics you need while teaching you how to put them together professionally and effectively. You’ll learn how to create an ongoing plan for your social media marketing, both short and long-term.

What is an Online Certificate of Completion?

Our online certificate of completion will be sent to those who complete the class before the end of January. This is an optional offer to help our students learn as much as possible from this course. You can finish this course and still be a social media beginner, but we want you to feel like you finished something important for your brand/company. If you complete the course on time, you will receive a certificate from Creative Market so that everyone can see where you are in your social media journey with them. As a bonus, if you get a certificate of completion from us, you’ll also join the Creative Market community for free. We believe our creative community can be one of your best resources for getting questions answered and learn more about social media.

Where can I learn more about Creative Market’s Online Certificate of Completion?

You can see our official certificate of completion for this course here. We’ll send it to everyone who completes the class before the end of January, so check your inbox if you want to claim it (and get all your course materials). If you completed this class on time and are interested in joining the community, check out our Class Details page for more information. Anyone who completes the class before January 3rd will also get a copy of our recently released e-book called Social Media Marketing: How To Grow Your Brand With Facebook and Twitter. We’ll be sure to announce the e-book when it’s available in January.

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