Online Notepad Text Editor You Can Use on Your Daily Work Routine

6 Online Notepad Text Editor You Can Use on Your Daily Work Routine in 2021

Are you tired of leaving behind or losing your notes wherever you go and then stressing out in the exam season? Or does writing with a pen and a paper sound like too much work?

In any case, what you are looking for is an online notepad that saves all your important work and information online that you can take everywhere you go!

Now is the age of technology and the smart thing is to convert all your written chores to online documents so they are well preserved. Nowadays, everyone has a laptop with them, not a notebook!

The chances of losing work are minimal with an online editor that helps you quickly write down everything you need to and also save it, in a matter of seconds!

Online Notepad Text Editor You Can Use on Your Daily Work Routine

Why should you use an online notepad?

There are a lot of reasons that you should prefer an online notepad over a notebook and a pen. Not only are these websites feature-rich, but they are also free!

The process is simple and convenient- you can easily jot down anything that’s on your mind rapidly while auto-saving it all.

Notepads can also convert the text for you, no matter in what format you upload it. Moreover, it will also correct your grammar errors.

Benefits of using an online notepad

In the hustle and bustle of today’s busy life, it is absolutely important to stay organized when it comes to your homework or business presentations.

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Sometimes, you can get a lot of ideas at once. To jot these down in a safe place, use a memo notepad with password for more privacy.

Moreover, these notepad apps will also help you make your shopping lists, to-do lists, and all sorts of lists without any trouble at all!

Now, the note taking process will be super easy with online notepad editors. Gone are the days when you had to refer to a cumbersome notebook and a pencil which needed to be sharpened over and over again!

With these free and quick notepads, the process will be made much more efficient, saving your precious time and also making your life more convenient.

If you are looking for the best online notepad to make your assignments, or do your homework for business meetings, here are a few options that are absolutely amazing and work smoothly.

Best Online Free Notepads


As the name suggests, this personal notepad lets you take notes rapidly and smoothly, without having to encounter a laggy website. It has all the features that are required to form a well- written document.

This online text editor features include copy, cut, paste, open existing files, save files to computer, select and also redo or undo. On the bottom of the page, you can also see the word count.

There are other advanced tools present on your fingertips too as you use this online notepad. Some of these are pdf converters and graph makers.


Being one of the best online notepad editors, Editpad is popular for its advanced and helpful features that you can now find all in one place!

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While you can edit the text you are writing on this online notepad, you can also check for plagiarism and grammar errors in your text; this feature is especially useful for students and content writer.

Moreover, the editpad also displays the word count as well as the character count so you can     keep track of the document you are formulating.

Edit pad is one of the very few online notebooks with password that help you keep your documents safe and secure, if multiple users use your computer.

With edit pad, you can perform all your content writing chores easily and also share your documents with friends and clients easily.

  • Anotepad

Anotepad also has a number of rich and amazing features that come entirely for free! Not only does this notepad have a stunning interface, but it also provides its users with a dark theme to use in daylight.

By signing it to this online notepad, you can also keep a backup of all your documents and notes, while also being able to access it from other devices.

Don’t worry, all your notes will also be password protected! You do not have to worry about accidentally losing your school assignments because all your data will be auto-saved as you write it!

  • Just Notepad

Being one of the simplest online notepads available, Just Notepad is preferred by people who are not a big fan of fancy technological features and complicated interfaces.

Having a huge dialogue box on your screen, using this notepad could not be any easier than this! With a simple “New” button, you can keep adding as many pages to your document as you want, without having to worry about anything!

  • iTextPad

iTextPad is available on both your smartphone, as well as your desktop. Which means you can now access this memo notepad wherever you are, whenever you want to!

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It also has a built-in calendar through which you can navigate your documents by date and time.

Available in both android and iOS, this online notepad also has a lock which can be used to encrypt your personal notes and documents to certain devices, and provide a restricted access.

  • Primapad

Prima-pad is also one of the best online notepads that you can get your hands on. The best feature about this notepad is that you can save all your documents in the cloud- and access them from any device you want to. This makes it the most convenient way to note down your thoughts and ideas anytime and anywhere.


So if you are looking for a time-saving and excellent alternative for your note taking process, go to Google and type online notepads to get access to a wide range of amazing notepads.

As a student, you can benefit a lot from this software because it helps you write plagiarism free content that is also grammatically sound.

You can choose any one you like and work on it while not worrying a bit about losing your important work!

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