Office Ally Practice Mate vs CureMD EMR: One-on-one Comparison

You might already know that Office Ally is a phenomenal EHR that offers free-of-cost services, whereas CureMD isn’t. You might think that comparing these two solutions is baseless, but that is not the case. Office Ally is not an altogether free EHR; these are just rumors. The fact is the vendor offers a price package for its clients, and here we will share its pricing details. Besides that, we will compare the user feedback of the two EMR platforms to judge which software entails more impressive and compelling reviews.

Price Comparison:

We will start by sharing the pricing details in Office Ally Practice Mate vs CureMD EMR comparison, for it’s a big deal.

CureMD EMR Price

CureMD EMR enlists a detailed pricing structure for the practitioners so they can choose the one that best defines their needs. Reviews show that users think that the pricing model of CureMD is highly flexible. The vendors offer a total of four pricing plans suitable for a wide range of medical practices.  Here are the details of the cost plans offered by CureMD.

Practice Management

This plan was created for practices that need an effective partner for handling their administrative tasks. Services like appointment scheduling, bills processing, claims management, and various other services are included to boost the efficiency of the front desk of clinical practices. The price tag associated with this plan is $195 per provider per month.

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Electronic Health Records

Some practices demand solutions that explicitly cater to the clinical needs of the practices. The features included in this plan are documentation management, e-prescription, patient portal, charting, and more. This patient-centered plan is best known for nurturing smooth patient experiences by engaging clients and reducing the workload during and after patient encounters. The EHR solution of CureMD charges $259 per provider per month.


This is an all-in-one feature package designed to cater to the needs of large-grade practices. This robust plan is a comprehensive plan that streamlines the clinical workflow of healthcare organizations by reducing the work burden. This all-inclusive plan charges nothing more than $395 per month per provider. It comprises all the services included in the above two plans.


Some medical professionals invest in EHR platforms that don’t deal with RCM services. CureMD offers billing services to assist those professionals so that they don’t have to exchange their EMR platforms. All the billing and claims management services are covered in this package to maximize the revenue of the medical practices. It costs 4% of the monthly revenue.

Office Ally Practice Mate Price

Unlike CureMD, Practice Mate doesn’t offer such a detailed pricing structure, for most of its services are available to physicians for free. But for better understanding, we will share the free vs priced services of Office Ally here. In addition, customer reviews of Practice Mate Office Ally show that even though it offers free services, all of them are highly efficient and reliable. So, just because the vendor is free,  it doesn’t mean it’s incapable of managing your clinical operations.

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It is a secured web-based claim entry service offered to all the users of Practice Mate for free. It works by entering claims into a file and then sharing that file with Practice Mate for processing. The vendor scrubs the claims and submits the solid ones. After that, it creates a detailed report so clients can learn the details of submitted claims and the rejected ones to reduce the denial rate.

Practice Mate

It is a free practice management system that is offered to manage appointments, electronic superbills, patient statements, claims, and other financial accounts. That comes with an easy-to-use interface and is easily accessible 24/7. It even offers an insurance eligibility checking service reducing the administrative burden, and offers high-level tech support.

EHR 24/7

It is a comprehensive EHR module that allows practitioners to focus on their patients exclusively. Unlike all other features of office Ally Practice Mate, this one is not free and charges $29.95 per provider. This module is best for small-scale services looking for a way to streamline their clinical workflow. It empowers physicians to report value-based data using MIPS/MARCA.

Review Comparison

It’s time to look at the reviews in Office Ally Practice Mate vs Cure MD comparison

CureMD EMR Reviews

CureMD EMR reviews believe that this solution is best for managing the clinical intricacies. It simplifies the claims management process and filters the squeaky claims to minimize the denial rate. The documentation tools of this software speed up the charting and notes editing process. Its interoperability service is awful, making it difficult to share patient records with other physicians. CureMD reviews show there are some glitches in the system.

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Office Ally Practice Mate Reviews

Office Ally is a user-friendly solution that makes scheduling easier for care professionals. Reviews of Office Ally Practice Mate state that it allows the creation of customized surveys for patients. Another point highlighted in the Office Ally Practice Mate review is its integrated clearinghouse that reduces error probability in claims processing. The system’s customer service is unresponsive, and it gets stuck under a massive workload.

Final Comparison


In-Office Ally Practice Mate vs CureMD EMR, the common point is both solutions offer free training and implementation services.

Both solutions offer free-of-cost customer support and long-term maintenance services.

CureMD EMR demo and Office Ally Practice Mate demo, both share meaningful insights, and details of all the tools and services offered and are available upon request for free.


CureMD EMR is backed by a 3.6 to 4-star reviews rating, whereas Office Ally Practice Mate enjoys 3.5 to 4.5-star reviews. In addition, both show reasonable customer satisfaction rates.

Office Ally Practice Mate offers free-of-cost practice management services, whereas CureMD offers no free services. CureMD is ideal for small to large-scale practices alike, but Office Ally Practice Mate is best suited for small practices. CureMD offers a range of services for multi-specialties; however, this facility is not included in Practice Mate.

Now you know the critical points of both solutions and their features, so choose the one that suits you best. We highly recommend scheduling a demo with Office Ally Practice Mate and CureMD EMR.

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