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New Player in fin-tech industry – Zeropay app

Buy-now-pay-later is now a trendy way of making payments. Many fin-tech players are already in the game, and some are smartly scoring trust from people.

Each company offering buy-now-pay-later service attempts to stand out. To counter the fierce competition, they have to creatively appeal to the public.

One such ace player in this financial space is Zeropay. It is carefully developed to delight customers by offering interest-free instant credit.

Before we get to know Zeropay better, let’s understand the game of buy-now-pay-later.

The apps providing the BNPL solution offer you instant credit. Some players charge interest on it, while others, like Zeropay, won’t.

Zeropay is special in one more way. With it, you are not charged any extra fee for late repayment.

We live in a world where we crave digital solutions for every problem. When we are faced with minor financial woes, especially during the month-end, we conveniently lose our minds.

The concept of BNPL is innovated to avert that dreadful situation.

BNPL is a safer bet than credit cards. Those shiny cards carry a reputation of their own. But BNPL has found a particular appeal among both, the young and the old. There is a visible sign of credit cards losing their charm and BNPL taking its place when it comes to the credit game.

The edge Zeropay has over others

Zeropay is positioned as a digital payment platform, with a user-centric approach. The app is smartly designed making the user flow simple, easy and quick.

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One of its prime slogans is that you can pay later anywhere, anytime. It guarantees you instant financial freedom, by providing you instant credit.

The consumer loans borrowed are to be paid back in 3 instalments. Your transactions are not charged, your late repayments are not fined.

You have to pay a small fee when you use Zeropay at non-affiliated stores.

A fin-tech app is incomplete without its reward systems. Zeropay too has reward points for you for your timely repayments. The points carry a monetary value, they can be collected and used for further purchases.

Main highlights of the app

No interest charged

Zero interest is the primary feature of the app. The credit you get from this app is completely an interest fee. This feature provides you with a quick financial solution, without you having to worry about accumulating interest debt.

Your credit score also has a role to play in how much credit you can borrow. There are no hidden charges on the credit provided.

No late fees

This feature is very unique to Zeropay. It offers financial flexibility that no other app currently does.

BNPL apps are very particular about their repayment process. They usually charge a penalty for late repayments.

Zeropay won’t charge you a penny, even if you miss your dates of repayment.

It allows you to have financial flexibility, even when it comes to repayment.

Due to this feature, the user experience and engagement is further enhanced.

Location agnostic

Shop now pay later can be used anywhere, on online shopping sites, or at local retail stores.

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Zeropay has partnered with top merchants and well-known brands.

It offers easy access to instant credit anytime, anywhere you need it.

Benefits of using Zeropay

There are no collateral loans

In present times, securing an instant credit loan is very easy. When there is no collateral attached to the arrangement, it becomes a very user-friendly approach.

Users can make the best use of this payment method, way more than the loans provided through credit cards.

The best part of the BNPL system is the repayment process, you can easily repay your borrowed credit in easy instalments.

Non-collateral loans are mainly promoted by non-banking financial institutions. But they have been made popular and appealing by fin-tech firms like Zeropay.

Zeropay doesn’t mind much about users’ previous spending history, they won’t hesitate to release the credit for anyone.

Financial flexibility

When you get instant credit from Zeropay, you’re free to use it the way you desire. They have partnered with many top players, when you make purchases on those sites, there is no extra fee charged.

There will be an extra charge if you shop on non-partnered websites or retail stores, but it is very minimal.

The credit you receive can’t be questioned by banks or any financial institutions, you are free to spend your borrowed money in your desired way.

Zeropay won’t impose a penalty on you for late repayment. It aims to make your financial life flexible.

Zeropay is a refer-only app. Someone has to already be a part of Zoop Club, and refer you for it. Once you too are a part of it, you can do the same by referring other users.

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Zeropay provides consumers with an easy financial solution. It simplifies the process of documentation and verification while setting up the app. It’s also very quick in giving you the credit.


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