Netflix VPN Ban: Overcome the Issue with a Few Simple Tricks

Netflix is among the leading streaming services currently available in the market. The platform hosts a plethora of exciting content belonging to a wide range of genres, be it comedy, horror, action, animation, or anything else.

Despite the mind-boggling collection of titles, it may not be enough to satisfy viewers’ craving for entertainment. That is why several Netflix subscribers try to access different libraries from different geographical regions. Netflix subscribers do this by switching their IP address with the help of VPN servers. However, if you have ever tried to download VPN clients for streaming Netflix, you might have been banned. 

Your IP might be banned because Netflix wants to ensure that subscribers only have access to the regionally available content. Luckily, we have a way around this problem. To learn more, read on.

Download VPN Clients Optimized for Streaming

The first thing that you need to do is download VPN clients that are better optimized for steaming services. You may choose from various VPN services; some may be cheaper, while others may offer better features.

You need to ensure that you opt for a paid VPN plan. This is because a free VPN might be selling off your data to third parties to earn revenue. In contrast, paid VPN plans usually protect your data and follow strict no-logs policies.

Additionally, you should also contact a local legal professional and ask them whether using a VPN in your region is illegal or not. Otherwise, you might face serious consequences.

Try Switching VPN Servers

If you ever face a Netflix VPN ban, it means that Netflix has identified your IP address and is restricting access to Netflix on that IP address. So, the first thing that you need to do is try switching servers.

First, you should try connecting to a different server in the same country. And if even that does not help, you could also try connecting to a server in another country because some titles on Netflix are often available in other regions.

Go Incognito

Every internet browser has a feature that lets you browse the web privately. This might grant you access to Netflix since the browsing session will start from scratch. The cookies and cache usually stored on your device do not take part in this browsing session. This might ultimately enable you to access Netflix from other geographical regions.

Clear Cache and Cookies

You should clear cache and cookies regardless of what you do online. Cache and cookies are stored on your device, which will be used in the browsing sessions in the future. When you access the same website, your data from the previous session is later utilized to offer a more personalized experience. This personalization means that your private data is exposed.

If you clear your cache and cookies routinely, when you try to access Netflix, you are less likely to face a VPN ban since no data is stored to be tracked.

Switch VPN Protocol

You usually gain access to several VPN protocols when you download VPN clients. Each of these VPN protocols follows a different encryption method. And some of these encryption methods are better at countering Netflix VPN bans.

You would need to go to the VPN settings and change the protocol manually. Though you would want to better understand VPN protocols before switching between them, or this solution might not work.

Summing It Up

These are only a few methods to help you overcome the Netflix VPN ban effectively. For further updates on the matter, check this blog for updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it illegal to use a VPN?

VPNs are not illegal in most countries. That being said, there are still a few regions where VPN use is banned, and using them could get you into a lot of trouble. For more details, get in touch with a legal professional and ask them about the legality of using a VPN in your region.

Can I use a free VPN to stream Netflix?

Even though using a free VPN to stream Netflix might work for you, we would never recommend that you do. This is because free VPNs still need to earn money somehow, and they might do this by selling off your personal information to third parties. In contrast, if you download VPN it is much more secure as they follow strict no-logs policies.

Can Netflix ban me for using a VPN?

Netflix can ban IP addresses if they appear to be unusually crowded. If many people are connected to the same IP address, it would mean all of them are connected from the same home or building. And this is unlikely. As a result, Netflix bans such IP addresses.

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