Motorcycle Get Back Whip

Get back whip motorcycle is a protective weapon that is attached to the bike at a place where is becomes easily reachable. It is stylish whip made of bands that closely entangled and is also available in different colors and shades. Some bikers just add get back whip to add flair and colors to the bike. It is a multipurpose whip that can be used as a protective weapon as well as style accessory to the bike. In case of emergency, a motorcycle get back whip can become an immediate weapon for self-defense. It is attached to the handle of the bike where it is accessible. Get back whip are easily available in stores, supermart, and carts. Vendors have the most colorful and stylish variety of get back whips. These whips are braided leather or paracord of different colors. It can be as long as a person wishes or the bike carries.

History Of Get Back Whip

If we look back to the history of the motorcycle get back whip, it was just a decorative accessory at the start. Bikers use to attach it to their bikes for flair. When the bike was driven, the braided leather string was used to flatter. At the start, it served no purpose than being a decoration piece as it was permanently attached to the bike’s handle. With time, the purpose of this braided leather string was changed. Bikers attached it to their bikes permanently while they were racing. During an emergency attack, a biker once detached the braided leather string and used it as a whip. Since then, the braided leather was names as get back whip and became a protective accessory. Now bikers use it for both purposes, style along with safety. The change that came over time was that the get back whip was shifted from permeant attachment to the temporary attachment with the bike’s handle. It has a hook at its start that is easy to clench and detach the get back whip from the bike’s handle. It is now suitable for immediate use as a protective weapon.

Many people used the same get back whip differently or for different purposes. Some bikers attached it to the bike’s handle and some attached it around the brake or clutch lever. It is easily available on carts and marts. It is also available on Amazon in reasonable price and reliable material. Bikers intentionally designed it easily detached. It is a necessary weapon to fight and defend yourself at the hour of emergency. Now, get back whip motorcycle comes in a wide range of colors, styles, patterns, and hook styles. Vendors have a variety of colorful whips that look stylish with the bike. A get back whip of a specific color can also be used to represent a particular gang or club. It is also used in bike racing for discriminating a particular house from the others.

Unlawful Use of Get Back Whip

This device has the specialty to be used as a powerful weapon. It can easily reach out the running thieves and looters. But it’s use is recommended to be limited in some countries. Additionally, a person can also be sued for using it without any need or in any wrong or unlawful action. It is recommended that the use of the get back whip motorcycle should be done under check. Any unlawful use such as for harming innocent people can directly cause the arrestment of the person.

Why Do Bikers Go for Motorcycle Get Back Whip?

Decades ago, get back whip was used for styling the bike with a colorful leather braided accessory. Currently, bikers use get back whip as a safety weapon. It has a specially designed hook that is easily detachable when clenched and can be used for safety purposes as a whip. In case of emergency, it acts like a whip that has the capacity to give a stabbing pain to the attacker. Always use it precisely and when there is a genuine need. Unnecessary or unlawful use may do more harm than good. One can be arrested right on the spot for the unlawful use of this weapon to harm an innocent.

Not only this but get back whip can also be used in case of defense of one’s bike. It is legal to use it in a case in which bike gangs are indulged in an encounter and try to harm each other’s bikes. Defense using a get back whip is legal in this case. The whip can be used to swing and save oneself from the encounter attack that can cause damage to the vehicles and motorcycles. These kinds of violent gangs do not appear often. But when these cases appear, laws are stated regarding the use of motorcycle get back whip.

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