The “most ratchet Asian chick you’re ever going to meet” is precisely what? Myha Thi Luong, often referred to online as Lovely Mimi, is a very skilled performer, the owner of a beauty parlor, and a well-known figure on American Instagram and reality television. Lovely mimi fans are doing a cartoonish double take when they learn about Mimi’s incredibly young age and her incredibly quick rise to social media superstardom.

About Most Ratchet Asian Girl

She was born in Vietnam on April 27, 1990. Hip-hop tune Love She gained recognition after debuting on reality TV in 2017, and Atlanta has created a number of TV series. Her estimated yearly net worth in 2021 is $2 million. Myha Thi Luong, a reality television personality, singer, and internet celebrity who is Vietnamese-American, goes by the online identity Lovely Mimi. Her 2017 performance on the VH1 reality series “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” is what made her most famous. She is one of the top nail technicians in the nation and is affectionately known by her followers as the “nail architect.” She is also a well-known Instagram user with 2.4 million followers who gained notoriety for posting clips in which she mimicked stereotyped accents, including that of a Vietnamese nail technician, an African-American client, an irate motorist, and others. She and the English boy band 5ive collaborated on the hip-hop single “We Don’t Care,” which was released in September 2016. The author Angela Stanton, with whom she was co-writing “My Lovely Life: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly,” was previously reported to be joining her on the third season of the BET HER series “From the Bottom Up” when it was first announced in the early months of 2018. 

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MOST RATCHET ASIAN GIRL : Lovely Mimi             

As the presenter of the MTV reality series Wild’ n Out, Nick Cannon was intrigued by Lovely Mimi’s description as the “MOST RATCHET ASIAN GIRL” by one source. Mimi made her first appearance in 2017, towards the end of a second season of a show.

She moved to Atlanta and has since been regularly on the comedy programme. In addition, Lovely Mimi MOST RATCHET ASIAN GIRL purchased an existing manicure salon and changed its name to Ultraviolet Manicure Salon. Her company has expanded dramatically, and she is now regarded as the top nail artist in the nation. She is the owner of five salons in the Atlanta area. 

Ratchet Test Asian Girl is a collective of female artists who get together to discuss their love of ratchetness, high fashion, and hip-hop. In contrast to the often negative images of Asian women in the media, Crunchify is well known for our candid depictions of them. Ratchet—what the heck is that? It was just something that made an item look extremely shabby or worn out.

Even though it still still means “shabby,” it now has a far broader definition and may also be used to describe someone who is ostentatious or trashy. We began on a lonely street in London’s Chinatown in September 2012. A street vendor and a young photographer named Simon Shuhang met in an alleyway. 

The woman appeared attractive from the outside as well as the inside, but upon closer examination Simon found that she was very different from what he had anticipated. She had numerous tattoos and piercings and spoke with an educated voice that is uncommon in most Asian markets where women are typically much more reserved. 

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  • Famous as: reality star, Singer. Nail salon Owner, The Most Ratchet Asian, and Social media personality.
  • Born on August 20, 1990.
  • Born Country: Vietnam.
  • Age: 30 years old.
  • Nationality: American.
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo.
  • Another Popular name: Myha Thi Luong.

Mimi, who was born in Vietnam in 1990, spent her early years there before relocating to the United States in 1993 together with her parents.

Her family was middle class, so she was not exposed to the newest fashions and was frequently made fun of for her appearance. But later on, her life took a turn for the worse, and everything changed. 

In 2010, Mimi and Remy Skinner, her longtime partner, got married. He appears in several of her videos and is also her manager. Jayy and Juice are the names of the couple’s twins. The lovely and content family also has a dog named Jefe as a pet.

Lovely had left school. She never attended high school or even middle school, therefore she was unable to land a good career. But at trying times, her ability keeps her going.

In Maryland, she was the owner of Luong’s Lovely Nails. She started to share her artwork on social media in an effort to draw viewers and gain more exposure. She gained international recognition at that time as The Most Ratchet Asian.

Mimi is regarded as one of the top nail technicians and has five salons in Atlanta. Mimi makes about $2 million every year, according to estimates.

She unexpectedly entered “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” where she gained enormous name recognition and fame. She co-wrote the hip-hop song “we don’t care” with the English boy band, which was released in 2016. 

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Net Worth of Most Ratchet Asian Girl

By 2021, $2 million is expected to be Mimi’s whole annual income. Her primary source of income is her nail salon.

She has a comfortable life as a reality television celebrity. Through her YouTube channel and Instagram account, she also generates income.


Don’t allow the fact that she doesn’t speak English fluently dissuade you; despite this, she is a brilliant lady. The Most Ratchet Asian female Blog was started because people were confused by these women’s identities and lifestyles.

We believe we have covered all the fascinating details regarding MOST RATCHET ASIAN GIRL . She just provides a lot of people with amazing motivation. She persevered despite experiencing many ups and downs in her life.

These amazing details about Lovely Mimi’s life are all contained here. She greatly inspires many individuals, to put it simply. She persevered despite experiencing many ups and downs, and her struggle helped her accomplish important things in life. 

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