Most Common Reasons for Cell Phone Repair and Solutions

Most Common Reasons for Cell Phone Repair and Solutions

Cell phones have become an inevitable part of modern-day life, playing a nonpareil role in daily chores such as communication, social media & internet surfing, taking pictures & videos, and setting up an alarm to name a few.

So much so that most of us get habituate of smartphones and need our devices to always function smoothly. However, mobiles are eventually machines, susceptible to bugs, crashes, and other damages over time. And whenever they develop any issue, we can’t help being panic imagining they will have to be given away for cell Phone repair near my location.

The good news is, a fair chunk of mobile issues is easily fixable at home, especially if you know what causes them. Even if some of them can’t be resolved by yourself, knowing their root cause and solutions will enable you to deal with them like a pro.

So in this article, we’ve penned down the top 11 Common reasons for cell phone repair and how they can be fixed. 

Most Common Reasons for Cell Phone Repair and Solutions

1] Broken Phone Screen

Do you know most of phone users all over the world have experienced the broken screen issue at least once? The key reasons for this to happen are:

  • An accidental fall
  • Slipping the phone down due to juxtaposing at a crowded place
  • Sitting on the phone while it’s in the back pocket
  • Accompanying the phone with metal keys in the pocket, etc.

While it’s obvious to panic seeing your damaged phone screen, you better avoid wasting too much time over regretting and look for the possible solutions around. Check if your phone screen is covered by your manufacturer’s warranty or some insurance. Some phone brands provide screen protection under their warranty.

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When the phone screen gets damaged, the most feasible option is getting it repaired or replaced from a reliable repair center, preferably at your brand’s authorized service center. This will ensure you get an original screen replacement professionally and affordably.

2]Charging Port Issue

When your phone experiences slow or no charging, often the prime culprit is a faulty charging port. There’s a small metal connector in the USB Port that is not connecting to the charging cable properly. The reason could be any of the below:

  • Dust or debris blocking the contact or preventing proper power supply to the device.
  • Caused by corrosion when your phone gets wet or you put it in a high humid environment.
  • Hardware damage, usually when you drop the device

You can successfully fix this issue at home if it is not hardware-related. Clean the port using a needle and soft cotton. Adjust the pin gently to the center, or as per your charger’s pin shape.

But before you try this trick, don’t forget to use a different data cable and charger so as to confirm that it’s the port that’s at fault.

If the problem persists, do visit your nearest service center for a professional cell phone repair.

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