Meaning of the Mountain Bike Frame Number

The “Rahmennummer Fahrrad” is the identification of every mountain bike and can thus prove the legitimacy of the vehicle. So what does the alphanumeric mean?

When buying a car, you can use the chassis number to determine whether it is a refurbished or stolen car, so as not to be fooled.

The frame number is a 17-letter and numeric code, also known as a 17-digit identification code, frame number, or 17-digit number.

Of the 17 characters in the frame number, the first 3 characters represent the country of manufacture, the manufacturer and the vehicle type. The 4th to 8th digits of the frame number are the characteristics of the vehicle, e.g. B. Vehicle type, body type, engine type and gross vehicle weight rating.

The check digit represented by the ninth character is used to judge if the frame number is correct. The 10th digit indicates the production year, which is used to prove in which year the vehicle was produced. The 11th character indicates the vehicle assembly location, remember that “0” means the original assembly.

The 12th to 17th digit of the frame number is the production serial number. The function is that when an automaker recalls a car with quality issues, it is recalled according to the production serial number.

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