Mathematic olympiads are competitive mathematical tests that are held for students from grade 1 to grade 12

Mathematic olympiads are competitive mathematical tests that are held for students from grade 1 to grade 12

Mathematic olympiads are competitive mathematical tests that are held for students from grade 1 to grade 12. These are taken in the form of multiple-choice or detailed solutions and are conducted either nationally or internationally by many organizations across the country. The purpose of these olympiads is to enhance the mathematical skills of students and to identify mathematical talent. The objective of these olympiads is to have a keen knowledge of maths and have comprehensive development in school. It provides students with a platform where they can test their mathematical skills.

Olympiads are prestigious tests. The students who participate get a deeper level of understanding of analytic and logical skills. Olympiad exams offer rewards and scholarship that encourages students and help to build their confidence.

The olympiads are a puzzling exam but, with help and guidance, they are easy to crack. To master the exam, aspirants should work hard with smartness. For class 8, it is necessary to give a strong foundation for these exams. While studying, every student wants to top the exams. Here are some methods and tips to study efficiently for the mathematical olympiad.

Visit the official site of the Maths Olympiad.

Before giving the test, make sure to visit the site to know all the important information regarding the exam. Make sure to go through every detail for the given test. Go through the instructions for appropriately solving the paper.

Know the syllabus

The questions for the maths olympiad are taken from a vast range of topics. Some topics have higher marks weightage than others. A student should wisely allot time for the most important and the least important. Knowing all the concepts will give a better perception of the paper. The student should get a deeper understanding of all the concepts. The student should learn more about theoretical and practical knowledge. If you don’t check the syllabus, you might skip some important topics unintentionally.

Curate a timetable

Managing time is very important, not only for the maths olympiad but for every test. Students should plan their study routine by dividing the time equally in studying and practising. While making the timetable, pairing the difficult chapters with easy ones will help efficiently complete the syllabus in the given time. Don’t forget to add little breaks in between the timetable to make it more convenient. Add breaks for meals and exercise. Get to know the time when you are most and least efficient to execute your timetable as per your efficiency.

Study plan.

Read every chapter and make your handwritten notes. It helps to grasp every concept of the chapter. Writing things down makes the brain memorize them for a longer period. Make sure to get through those notes often. Get information from the internet for efficiently solving problems. Take help from your teachers. Teachers are the best source of information. Ask them which books to consult for the best results. 

Crystal clear concepts.

Always have all the doubts cleared to make your basics strong. Try understanding all the topics rather than mugging them up. Clear concepts help to understand and memorize things in a better way. When you have doubts regarding any topic seek help from your teachers or friends. 


Practice makes a man perfect. The key factor for preparing for the maths olympiad is to practice the questions. Practice till you become confident about your preparation. Even the most difficult questions seem simple with practicing. After studying a chapter, make sure to solve enough questions. Solve sample papers to assess your improvement. Take online mock tests to improve your time management for the exam. Solve the previous year’s question paper to get an idea of the standard of questions.

Strength and weakness.

Keep track of your strength and weakness. Mistakes are the best teachers. Keep a record of the chapters that you lack. While revision, give them extra time so that you can improve it. Highlight the topics you doubt so that while revising, you can easily recognize them and work on them.

Work smart 

Put innovative ways to understand a concept. Search online for tricks that will help you to learn difficult concepts easily without mugging them up. Find interesting ways to study, watch videos for the given chapter, make flashcards or use mnemonics and pictures to memorize. 

Challenge yourself.

Don’t compete with others, compete with yourself as you are your greatest hurdle. Try to improve yourself by taking challenges and completing them. Challenging yourself with different tasks once a week will upgrade your logical and analytical skills.

Confident but not overconfident.

Confidence is an important part of success but, overconfidence can be self-destructive. You might find some topics easy but still revise them to ace your exam. Don’t leave any topic only because you think you know it. Picture yourself in winners before the big day.

Stay healthy.

Maths requires a lot of mental energy that can only be acquired by healthy food, water, and juices. Make sure to take lots of fruits and green vegetables with enough proteins and carbohydrates. Further, meditation can help to relieve. Sit down in a cross-legged position for 5 minutes during breaks.

Revise constantly 

Memorizing topics at the first attempt is difficult. Revising them, again and again, helps to remember them easily. Before the exam, day make sure to put some days for revision and practice only. This way, you will be confident about the exam and ace them.

Stay focussed and calm.

Stress will only confuse you during your olympiads. Find out stress-relieving things like jogging in the park or having some snacks. While preparing for the olympiads, you will easily get distracted by different things like smartphones, video games, etc. Exercise every day to keep your brain fresh and body in good shape. 

 Be patient.

Preparing for the maths olympiad requires a lot of patience. If success doesn’t knock on your door on the first attempt, don’t lose hope and don’t give up. Failure is the foundation of great success and a bright future. You can also refer to Class 5 IMO Question Paper 2014.

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