Longest snapchat streak

Longest snapchat streak

Unlike any other social network, Snapchat offers its users a unique experience. By replacing the idea of permanence with a fleeting moment, Snapchat shreds the concept of permanence associated with social networking. As users interact with the app, rewards are earned. The Snap Score and Snapstreak are special badges only available to more invested users.

If you’re unfamiliar with Snapchat, Snapstreaks might seem strange, and you might not even know what they are. Learn about Snapchat streaks, including the longest line, how to stay on the spot, and how to remain in the bar.

Find out what you ever wanted to know about Snapchat’s longest streaks!

Streaks Explained

What is the process of streaking? You may not understand what Snapchat streaks are if you’re new to the app, but it’s one.

A Snap should take place every 24 hours between you and your friend. After three days of back-and-forth messaging, a small flame icon and a new number will appear. Each day, this streak will be built as you share snaps with each other.

Different types of people view snap streaks differently. First-type users don’t snap at you or other users daily, unlike second-type users. Even if your spot is in danger, you won’t usually prioritize photographing someone back if the streak continues.

Those in the second group, however, should use snap streaks. Today, Snapchat is not only a social app but also a game; it is a part of how we live. You check it every morning and at night before you go to sleep.

How to Keep a Streak Going

Keeping a streak going may seem easy, but it isn’t. Photos, videos, selfies, and more are exchanged at first between you and your friends. It’s easy to forget to send back an image even when you’re sure you checked your Snaps this morning.

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When your Snap streak ends after six days, it’s relatively easy to ignore, but after 100 days, it cannot be easy to forget. Keeping your bar going can be done by following these tips:

  • Start each day by sending a Snap to someone with an ongoing streak with you. You’ll be able to focus and remember easier once you make it a habit.
  • Remind them to do so if someone does not respond to a Snap within the expected timeframe. Send them a reminder message if you have not heard back.
  • It won’t matter how many streaks you have with someone on Snapchat. You’ve run out. An hourglass icon will appear next to your contact if you run out of time to save the spot. Your time together is limited. If your streak is still strong, the hourglass should appear around twenty hours after your last Snap. Our best guess is that the spot will last only four hours, but Snapchat hasn’t announced the duration.
  • The two users must exchange snaps every day. There isn’t enough room for just one.
  • Chat messages do not earn points while taking photos and videos do. It would be best if you had more than a Snapchat text message to communicate with your best friend. Include an attachment, such as a picture or video.


The Snap does not need to be of high quality to count toward a streak. Whether it is a picture of you, a landscape, or something from your pitch-black room at night, you need to share something with your friend. The first thing you send in the morning counts toward your streak, so long as it is an image or video.

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It would be best if you used your Bitmoji avatar in your Snap to fill the frame without sending a blank image. The Snapchat app offers streak emojis and stickers.

The text tool on your device can be used to send ‘streak’ to your friends. As soon as they understand the meaning behind the picture, you’ll have accomplished your day’s photo sending goal.

Streak Rewards

Keeping up with your Snapchat streaks is more about feeling accomplished than anything else. Something unique and small happens when you reach 100 days with a contact (no spoilers). For having a long Snapchat streak, Snapchat does not offer any rewards or prizes.

Snapchat scores are increased by sending Snaps to prove you use it more than your friends. You can also unlock trophies in Snapchat by sending more Snaps, although none of them seem to be linked to your Snap streak (as of this writing). Although seeing your Snap streak number increase is the greatest reward, anyone reading this article should be satisfied with learning about the longest Snap streaks.


Keeping Score of the Highest Streaks

Any official scoreboard doesn’t track Snapchat streaks, so there’s no way to know who has the highest ranking. Until Snapchat creates an automatically populated board within its app, users can only go by what they post on the web when they post their Snap streaks using their iPhones or Android devices with the screen capture software. Indirect indications indicate that it won’t happen.

Here are some tips from our community members on how to achieve the best streaks. Our community’s dedication to growing Snapchat makes us so proud. As a result of the words mentioned above, we have compiled a list of the twenty-five current record holders and their posting dates below.

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We are only listing the scores as of the moment the comments were posted since we cannot be sure that a streak hasn’t been broken. Users often send in scores at different times, so we only list the scores as of the moment the comments were posted. It was the oldest number published first, followed by the newest number when there were ties. Also linked to this post is the comment corresponding to it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Snapstreaks answers are provided below.

How do I find out who has the longest Snapstreak?

Snapstreaks cannot be tracked online due to the lack of an official scoreboard.

Every website lists something different, but the information can be found online. Nevertheless, as we research the topic, we will continue to post the highest streaks we see on our scoreboard.

How do I know if a streak is about to end?

To reach the top of our list, you must send a snap message to the same individual every twenty-four hours. The hourglass icon appears next to your friend’s name to let you know it’s getting close to the end of the day.

Snapchat with streaks is much more fun. The joy of getting to know a new number each day can make your day more enjoyable. After trying many ideas against the wall to see what sticks, Snapchat introduces bars to make everything feel more exciting.

We’ve posted a leaderboard for your friends and family to compete with. We encourage you to keep your high scores coming in daily so we can continue competing. To keep your streaks alive, you must snap and refresh them daily!


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