Laser Marker: Price by Type

Laser Marker: Price by Type

What is the best laser marker? How about their price? Let’s explore together in this clear and detailed overview by Tradex.

With Tradex you can buy the best laser markers on the market. These are MACSA branded laser marking systems that guarantee reliability, endurance, energy savings and impeccable results. Here, we will give an overview by dividing the laser marker according to the price (economic, medium, high range).

Laser Marker: Price by Type

Laser marker: entry level

Among the laser markers in the cheapest price range, we recommend iCON2, which is a compact and easy-to-use CO2 laser marker. Fully code on paper, Prezzo marcatore laser, wood and painted supports.

Widely used in the fields of food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics where anti-counterfeit markings are often required. In particular, the iCON2 is the most sought after model for all applications in the beverage and bottling sector, thanks to its impeccable marking capabilities on both glass and labels. The ratio of quality to price is the highest on the market.

Laser marker: Intermediate price

Among the mid-priced laser markers are fiber lasers. This is a technology that works with a variety of materials, including metals and industrial materials.


A laser marker that guarantees a permanent and indelible engraving and is resistant to all kinds of changes. You can mark a variety of materials, including plastics, metals, polylaminates, and many other industrial products.


IP54 Environmental Protection-Safe in harsh environments)

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VCS system, vibration compensation system-Compensates for vibration transmitted from the production line and guarantees optimum marking.

An electronic device separated from the lens.

SPAF film

A fiber optic laser marker specially designed for laser marking on flexible films. Reliable, robust and durable. Guarantees error-free marking.


The new frequency allows marking without the risk of damaging the material

Waste reduction, marking costs, production suspension.

Laser marker: special model

Among the most expensive laser markers are special models.

  • Picoseconds
  • MOPA
  • 3D


It is the picosecond laser that exceeds the classical wave length (20/30 nanoseconds) and reaches up to 700 picoseconds. In this way, the substrate is heated less and the chemical reaction is best. This means better accuracy and sharpness, even on dark surfaces, for optimal contrast.

It is ideal for the automotive field, where high aesthetic performance of markings is required, and for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical fields, where the definition of a message in fine text is essential.

High Range Laser Marker: It features an oscillator and power amplifier that produces even greater peak power, unmatched reliability and durability at the top of the source laser. In this way, you will get clearer results on difficult boards (for example, darker plastics will have higher contrast), but you will save about 90% of energy.


  • More obvious marking of aluminum
  • Ability to create shades on stainless steel.


The only marking feature that allows you to get 3D results, thanks to an additional set of lenses. One of them is connected to a galvanometric motor that changes the focal length of the beam.

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The 3D laser is compatible with pulsed SPA F, MOPA, and picosecond models.


Thanks to the integrated software, you can quickly mark complex shapes and various planes (cubes, cylinders, spheres, cones)

There is no physical adjustment of the axis and the height is managed directly from the software.

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