Does It Matter What Color of Towels I Buy for My Hospitality Business

Does It Matter What Color of Towels I Buy for My Hospitality Business

Choosing hotel/hospitality business towels requires understanding your guests’ needs. You may need wholesale towels to leverage bulk sales and achieve uniformity. Hospitality business towels come in two primary color variations: white and colored. White towels are classic, timeless, clean, and easy to maintain. Cheerful colored towels can be irresistible for branding or enhancing the bathroom décor and design.

Why Towel Color Matters

Hospitality businesses receive guests with different needs, but people seek specific features when using a towel. Cleanliness and efficiency are the top priorities for hotel guests, so the business should aim to deliver such features. Hotels should purchase towels that can last longer, match their brand, save costs and reduce the cleaning effort. Here are the primary factors hotel towel colors affect and why it matters what option you pick between white and colored:

1. Cleanliness

Guests using hotel towels expect them to be plush, clean, and freshly laundered. Any spots, yellowing, fading, and aging make the towel appear less clean, even when freshly laundered. White towels offer the most hygienic options and reveal all the dirt.

Hotels can quickly clean the towels using bleaching agents to bring out the clean, sparkling white. Colored towels, especially darker shades, tend to hide the dirt, and guests may wonder what other microbes and filth aren’t visible.

2.  Style

The towel color can influence the bathroom style you achieve. White towels are known for their elegance and enhance bathroom ambiance. You can use white towels in any design because they’re timeless. The lure of luxurious white towels is unmatched and never gets outdated.

Colored towels offer a coordinated look that hotels can use to enhance the scheme. Many color options mean hotels can find the perfect choice for the design and branding. Colors can fade and may become outdated or incompatible with future designs.

3. Durability

Towel durability has more to do with its material and construction, but color can impact overall longevity. White colors tend to get dirty faster and may need frequent cleaning. Colored towels hide stains, which can lead to less regular but more aggressive cleaning.

White towels don’t fade as much as colored options. They are timeless, so you don’t need a new set when changing the bathroom design. Aging can result in yellowing. Colored towels can be durable but may fade and become outdated for the style.

4. Cost

Hotels prefer white towels because of their versatility, which impacts costs. White towels adapt to all bathroom designs, so you don’t need new sets unless you are replacing older options. The towels don’t fade and can be kept clean for years using bleaching agents.

Colored towels will need an upgrade every time you change the bathroom design. They can fade much faster and require more aggressive mechanical cleaning to remove dirt buildup. You may pay less for colored towels because they tend to be less expensive than white options, but you’ll likely need replacements sooner.

5. Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning is inevitable when handling towels, and hotels should maintain the cleanest towels, linens, and covers to attract guests. White towels stain easily, so hotels need to clean them more often. White won’t fade, and the hotel can use effective bleaching agents to remove all stains.

Hotels can clean white towels in bulk in one towel load. Colored towels have to be sorted into different colors to prevent bleeding. Hotels can’t use bleaches, and stains are harder to remove. The cleaning team must follow strict laundry specifications to maintain vibrant colors.

Buying Hotel Wholesale Towels

If you’re in charge of hospitality business towel inventory, buying wholesale towels is a great option. You can order premium quality towels for your new bathroom design or to replace an aging batch. You should consider the material, comfort, absorbency, color, durability, and versatility. Since you’re stocking towels for different guests, you need consistent quality across all options.

Whether you need white or colored towels, stick to reliable wholesalers. Determine the towel quality you need to provide luxury and comfort to your guests. You can purchase from leading B2B brands to leverage retailer discounts. Buying towels in bulk will save you money and makes it easier to replace old sets with new options. Make sure you find brands with premium quality towels that match business needs.

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