Is The Viomi Alpha 2 Pro Robot Vacuum Mop Worth Buying?

Alpha 2 Pro is one of the popular devices among all the other mapping robot vacuums. It incorporates the advanced features that every consumer looks for before buying one. It performs tasks way too perfectly. You only have to command it through a mobile application or voice assist it via Google voice or Alexa. You can control it from wherever you want.

It is safe to say that Alpha 2 Pro is considered one of the best robot vacuum mops that Viomi has ever produced. Yet, this article answers the most asked question: what specifically contributes to making the Viomi robot vacuum mop worth buying?

Let’s proceed to know. 

Starting with the point that it is one of the models having the highest suction power in the market of up to 4000pa, which is best for use while having pets in your house.

  • Auto-dumping system:

The great novelty of the Viomi Alpha 2 Pro Robot vacuum cleaner is that it includes a 3-liter collector that auto-dumps the garbage. So it doesn’t contribute to secondary pollution. As it is an autonomous device, it also reduces manual labor. 

  •  Space consumption:

Unlike other Viomi models of robot vacuum mop, Viomi Alpha 2 Pro has one of the best sizes taking less space in your house. The manufacturers have lowered its height from 750 mm to 325 mm. It helps the device to circulate and clean your home more conveniently and efficiently.

  • Latest laser navigation:

Viomi Alpha 2 Pro is considered one of the best Robot vacuum mops because of its smart detecting sensors and navigation. It avoids bumping into your furniture by using its artificial intelligence, which helps it to recognize more than 150 objects from a considerable distance.

  • Battery capacity:

With Viomi Alpha 2 Pro, you don’t have to worry about the weekly maintenance as it takes care of it on its own. It has durable battery timing, having a 5200 mAh battery which can last more than 220 minutes. It detects its low battery notification and automatically comes to the recharge stand, avoiding inconveniences. 

  • Low Operating Noise:

Viomi Alpha 2 Pro is considered one of the quietest vacuum cleaners among all others because of its operating noise of barely 65 dB, equivalent to a normal conversation that doesn’t sound like a mighty vacuum circulating you.

  • Unique Features:

While paying a hefty amount for something, everyone ensures that the product is compatible with their demands and latest features. Viomi Alpha 2 Pro is, thus, suitable because it is full of new features. It includes App control and auto cleaning modes, compatible with Google voice and Alexa. The HEPA filter is capable of trapping 95% of allergens.

  • Ultra Long Brush:

Cleaning the borders where your device can’t reach out requires an ultra-long brush which helps it to clean it more effectively without bumping into your household. It includes an Ultra long brush of 181 mm and a longer side that makes it 82% more effective than other robot vacuum mops.

  • Short Air duct:

This robot vacuum cleaner, Viomi Alpha 2 Pro, is an efficient vacuum they have released to date. It comes with a shorter air duct. Yet, Alpha 2 Pro can still manage to clean all the dirt particles missing nothing on the floor.


So, if you are looking for a robot vacuum mop and aren’t including Viomi Alpha 2 Pro in your list, then, unfortunately, you are on the wrong boat. Don’t miss out on this affordable, lightest, and most efficient robot vacuum cleaner manufactured by Viomi.  


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