Is The Forest Cross-platform

Is The Forest Cross-platform? Here’s Everything You Need to Know Before Buying This Game in 2021!

Is The Forest Cross-platform? Here’s Everything You Need to Know Before Buying This Game in 2021!

In our best games like the Subnautica article, we highlighted The Forest.

Many of the blog’s visitors have been interested in this game since then, particularly regarding whether or not The Forest is cross-platform. Is there any cross-play in The Forest?

You’ve arrived at the correct spot.

We’ll talk about ‘The Forest cross-platform play supports’ today.

In a nutshell, The Forest isn’t a cross-platform game. Cross-platform gaming between PC and Playstation platforms is not supported in The Forest.

We’ll go over this in more detail ater down, so continue scrolling…

Is There Cross-Play in The Forest?

Is The Forest Cross-platform

The Forest was published on Playstation 4 and Windows PC in 2018.

You will play Eric LeBlanc, a plane crash survivor on a desolate island, in an open-world survival horror video game.

To live on this isolated island, players may construct and decorate bases, as well as manufacture equipment, weapons, and traps.

The Forest includes a multiplayer option that is very entertaining, even though it seems to be a single-player game.

In multiplayer mode, you may play with up to 8 other people to live on the isolated island together.

Many fans of the game have inquired about the multiplayer feature because of it:

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Does The Forest have cross-play?

To cut to the chase, no, The Forest does not support cross-platform play.

To put it another way, if you play The Forest on a Playstation 4, you won’t be able to play multiplayer mode with friends who play on a PC.

Only others who use the same gaming platform as you may play multiplayer with you.

We’re fairly confident The Forest isn’t cross-platform, despite the lack of an official word from the game’s creator and publisher.

We tried hosting a multiplayer game on our PC version to play with a PlayStation friend, but he couldn’t find the room we created.

That’s all there is to it. It’s a pity, particularly in 2021, when more games are enabling cross-platform play than ever before.

Let’s hope that the game’s sequel, Sons of The Forest, will include a cross-play option.

Now, let’s speak about some of the game’s frequently asked questions.

Is The Forest available on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4?

Unfortunately, The Forest is not cross-platform between Xbox and PlayStation 4. The reason for this is that The Forest isn’t even available on Xbox.

Additionally, even between PC and PS4, The Forest does not allow cross-platform play.

So, even if the game is accessible on Xbox, We doubt you’ll be able to play with your Xbox-using pals.

The good news is that Endnight Games, the game’s creators, stated in an interview that they would love to bring The Forest on Xbox platforms.

Focusing on a few platforms makes sense, especially since The Forest has already sold over 5 million copies.

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Is it possible to play The Forest on PS4 with friends?

You may play The Forest on PS4 with your pals. The Forest includes a multiplayer mode where users may either host or join a game.

Due to performance problems, the Forest multiplayer allows for up to 8 players on PC and 4 players on PS4.

Please be aware that The Forest is not a cross-platform game, so make sure you and your friends are playing on the same system.

For example, if you play on a PlayStation 4, your buddies must also play on a PlayStation 4.

In multiplayer mode, just as in single-player mode, you’ll be playing with other people and attempting to survive together.

There are, however, some key distinctions between playing alone and with another person.

You can learn all you need to know about multiplayer in The Forest by watching this video.

In multiplayer, you may either run your server or join one as a client.

The Server host will be able to manage every aspect of the game, including structure demolition and tree regrowth mode.

If you want to set up a server so you may play with your buddy, follow these steps:

  • Run The Forest game.
  • Select multiplayer from the main menu.
  • Then you may choose a new game to restart from the beginning or proceed where you left off.
  • After you’ve made your choice, you’ll be sent to the server configuration window.
  • You may change the name of your server, as well as the number of people that can join.
  • Select “create lobby” after you’re finished customizing.
  • After that, you can either invite your pals or choose “start game.”
  • To join a server, go to the main menu and choose multiplayer, then join a game. After that, you may look through the various servers.
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Is The Forest playable on both PS4 and PS5?

Yes, The Forest is, thankfully, cross-platform across PS4 and PS5. This implies that PS4 gamers may also play with PS5 players.

We’ve tried it out for you all, and the multiplayer works well.

Even though The Forest was first launched on PS4, you may still buy it with your PS5.

The Forest is available for purchase on the Playstation Store for approximately USD 19.99.

If you originally played on a PS4, your save data will be transferred to the PS5.

Conclusion: So, Is The Forest Cross-platform?

To summarize, No, The Forest is not a cross-platform game. You won’t be able to play multiplayer with others that use different gaming platforms than you.

To put it another way:

Players on the PC and Playstation can’t play The Forest together, and vice versa.

The Forest’s creators have now confirmed that the game will be followed by a sequel.

Let’s expect that the sequel supports cross-platform play so that we can play with many more friends.

Last words

Meanwhile, we’d love to hear from you.

Do you like to play The Forest? Which platform are you using to play this game? Please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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