Is A Degree In Electrical Engineering Worth It?

Yes, a degree in Electrical Engineering is completely worth it! It’s because Electrical Engineers put all their hard work and dedication into everything they do. Their innovations play a huge role in society and the effective functionalities of any system. They have designed everything from the nation’s power grid to the microchips inside our mobile devices and smartwatches.

If you are thinking of going for this degree, you have chosen the right article. We have tried our best to accumulate all the relevant information regarding Electrical Engineering because we want you to choose the most suitable career. So, continue reading more to find out all the answers to your questions!

Is Electrical Engineering Hard?

We don’t want to say Electrical Engineering is an easy degree. However, if you want to work hard and get into this field, nothing will be impossible. You just need to take a few hours out of your day and focus on the core engineering subjects, and you’ll be good to go! If you want to know more, make sure to visit the studyforfe website. You’ll get plenty of information from there.

Please note that the material isn’t something that you can rote learn. You need proper work experience to flourish among the other notable Electrical Engineers in the world. You cannot just give an exam and think you’ve mastered the art of Engineering! 

Don’t worry, though! Here’s how you can stay ahead:

  • First, make sure to research beforehand about this field.
  • Study the core engineering courses (such as Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, and English) at high school.
  • Get some practical experience. For example, find an internship or participate in relevant programs. And most importantly, build connections with people.

Is Electrical Engineering A Good Career Choice?

Electrical engineering is a great career road to take because there are so many employment prospects in this industry. In addition, many organizations seek fresh graduates for a progressive and competitive workforce, so you won’t have to wait long if you’re a recent graduate.

Furthermore, pursuing a profession in electrical engineering is a wise decision that will earn you respect in society. After doctors and attorneys, many people consider electrical engineering one of the most respected occupations.

How much do Electrical Engineers get paid?

Electrical engineering is a fantastic career choice in terms of pay, as electrical engineers earn a lot of money.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, electrical engineers earn around $100,000 annually.

Electrical engineering jobs start at roughly $60,000 for entry-level roles, and the most experienced electrical engineers can earn up to $150,000 per year.

Which country demands Electrical Engineers the most?

The countries which have the highest demand for Electrical Engineers are:

  • The United States
  • The United Kingdom
  • Australia

Reasons to study Electrical Engineering

There are many reasons to study Electrical Engineering. Let’s look at them one by one.

  • Getting your first job becomes easy

Most employers look for fresh minds with good training; therefore, graduates of engineering colleges have an easier time finding jobs in the field of electrical engineering.

They are delighted to be able to recruit young people who can be molded to their specific requirements and developed into experts. This is also why electrical engineers are in such high demand in the employment market.

  • A high-paying salary

There’s nothing wrong with expecting a great salary if you’re working hard, right? Electrical Engineering requires a lot of effort and attention, so they deserve to be paid well. Hence, one of the benefits of choosing Electrical Engineering as your career is the pay. 

  • You can work in another country

A bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering can lead to job chances in other places. Because the laws of mathematics, electricity, and physics are global, the knowledge you gain is not limited to the place in which you studied. Furthermore, many worldwide companies require this specialist and pay a fair wage. Knowing English will be quite valuable in these situations. It’s worth noting that nationality or a prior work permit are also required to work in many different jobs in other nations. In the case of engineering, international corporations are frequently responsible for granting you that work permit through contracts.

  • Your knowledge expands

Both as students and as professionals, Electrical Engineers face computer issues throughout their careers. As a result, certain computer skills are obtained during the studies to learn how to install different applications that they will need to carry out the further reports and during the job practice when it is necessary to change an electrical circuit component.

  • You begin doing things for yourself

One of the most compelling reasons to pursue this career is to learn to do things for oneself. Electrical engineers understand how things operate and why they don’t. Professionals will make their masterpieces by understanding the basic rules of electrical engineering. Because these creations are limitless, this adds additional value to the CV. In addition, you can show that working as an electrical engineer independently is possible.

  • You can fix your own problems

When you have enough knowledge, you can take care of your own problems. For example, you won’t find it hard to look after a blown light bulb or fix a computer. You will make sure that all the devices are working properly. 

Skills Needed by Electrical Engineers

These are the skills needed by Electrical Engineers:

  • Analytical abilities
  • Technical knowledge in general
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Creativity
  • Logical reasoning and communication skills
  • Ability to work in a group
  • Organizing abilities
  • Ability to lead


We can’t imagine living in a world without electricity. As a result, choosing electrical engineering as a career path is wise, as electrical engineers will always be in great demand in practically every industry.

Electrical engineering is also a fantastic choice for those who enjoy physics and maths. This field has a wide range of career prospects and pays well compared to other professions. If you believe that electrical engineering is the field for you, you should begin studying for the FE exam as a first step toward becoming a licensed professional engineer.

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