Is 144Hz Worth For Gaming in 2021? Explained

Is 144Hz Worth For Gaming ? Explained

A higher refresh rate means a faster response with smooth output. And If you are a competitive gamer who plays first-person shooting games like PUBG, COD, Fortnite, Overwatch, etc. Or you watch videos, a refresh rate like 144Hz is an utterly worthy setup.

It is said that games run smoothly with a 144Hz refresh rate compared to monitors with 60Hz or 75Hz refresh rates. The main reason is the gameplay internally and not the graphics. The frame rate with a game’s motion ultimately lets out the result with the refresh rate 144Hz or even higher.

So the question is, is 144hz worth for gaming? Well, let me explain this to you below:

Is 144Hz Worth For Gaming? Explained

Does 144Hz Make A Difference?

Yes, from 50Hz or 60Hz to 144Hz, it significantly differs while playing a first-person shooter or a fast-paced game. However, if you have been using a 60Hz display, you can quickly feel the difference experienced by playing the game yourself.

If you are a professional competitive gamer, you’ll sense the considerable distinction from 60Hz to 144Hz, which vindicates it. A few professional players have claimed that a better refresh rate makes the sport; extra thrilling with next-stage feeling.

The general overall performance and the frame charge become robust simply by achieving a better refresh such as 144Hz.


  • The first and essential benefit of the usage of 144Hz is a smooth or even gaming response. It takes care of the high frame rates and delivers a smoother output.
  • You will not face motion blur as you play games or watch movies because of the fast and rapid response of the refresh rate.
  • 144Hz refresh rate monitors come with more than one gaming devoted mode, which is great for immediate action.
  • Monitors with 144Hz don’t lose frames, meaning you have got each and every element in the front of your keen sight. It’s not only rapid but accurate too.


  • The first disadvantage is the price point. Display screens or monitors with a 144Hz refresh rate are highly priced, especially when paired with an IPS panel display.
  • Monitors with a 144Hz refresh rate demand a powerful system, especially a good dedicated graphic card. If you can’t fulfill the list of requirements, you will not be able to get great results out of your monitor. Also, if you have a graphics card, you can check this list of best monitors for RTX 2070.
  • To avoid the Bottle-Neck issue, your computer’s processor has to be in sync with 144Hz accordingly.
  • If your display has a Vertical Alignment Panel (VA Panel- a type of Panel for monitors), then 144Hz may let out the motion blur effect that leads to low reaction time.
  • Final Words:

So that was all for your question whether the 144Hz refresh rate is worth or not. I hope this has helped you to understand if you should be getting a 144hz refresh rate monitor or not. Also, if you wish to purchase a monitor, then you can check this list of the best 1440p 144hz monitor under 300 dollars. Anyway, for any other questions, do feel free to comment below, and I will surely help you out with your query.

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