All owners of a small bathroom are faced with the problem of cramped and cluttered space. However, don’t despair! Even in the smallest bathroom, it is possible to create a pleasant interior design with the help of special techniques and install luxury bathroom vanities.

Preparing to renovate a small bathroom 

Prepare a list of all the materials you need and take your time to buy everything at once. Please find out how the manufacturers’ brands differ, how they differ, and the prices in the city bathroom suppliers near me. As they say, every cent protects a dollar. If the price of one square foot of ceramic tiles varies slightly, and you need 300 square feet, this is already significant.
If the bathroom is small, you will immediately face the problem that everything does not fit you. You can increase the size of the bathroom by removing the partition. Or reduce the size of the plumbing, but a shower instead of a bathtub put a small washbasin, or buy compact bathroom vanity. The third way to reduce the amount of furniture, for example, is to transfer the washing machine to the kitchen.

Features of creating an interior design in a small bathroom

Of course, depending on what kind of bathroom you have (a room with a bathtub and a toilet bowl is separate or the bathroom is combined into one room), tips and techniques for shaping the interior design in the bathroom may differ slightly. But in general, the recommendations for both options are not significantly different.
  Large mirrors or mirrored stripes make the bathroom visually spacious, create a feeling of light and airiness.
Plumbing and home appliances – a bathroom vanity or shower stall can save space.
Also, a good solution would be to purchase in bathroom supply store with non-standard plumbing (for example, a bathtub with a narrowing at the end frees up additional space). Saving free space will allow placing the sink above the bathroom vanity. Continuing the washbasin over the bathtub creates extra storage space.
Color solutions and textures – most often, the designer recommends using one to two primary colors for interior decoration in a small bathroom. Various pastel shades, black (visually expanding the room’s boundaries and creating the effect of infinity) and white, have proven themselves well in the design of small spaces. If the room is small but has low ceilings, it is best to arrange vertical layouts of dark color on the walls. Glossy ceramics or sanitary ware diffuses light rays and expands the room – a sense of depth is created.
Interior in a small bathroom raises a complicated question for homeowners – how to create a harmonious design Interior in a small bathroom?
Another good technique is when several room elements are painted in the same color – the space seems more harmonious and free. For example, you can paint the floor and the bottom of the wall, or the ceiling and the top of the wall with the same color. Another option, when the floor and ceiling are in black – the bathroom seems taller than it is.  

Interior design in a small room – help from professionals

Our company, “New Bathroom Style,” offers quality products from European and American collections to create a harmonious interior design in a small bath in your home. Contact us, and you will get an excellent result!

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