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Eclectic style homes have recently become popular with more people having an interest in this kind of interior design styles. This style is all about harmony and balance achieved by mixing and matching different colours, textures, and styles. Eclectic interior design is all about creativity and experimentation with not a lot of rules. The freedom allowed by eclectic interior design styles makes it extremely desirable for artistic people who like playing around with décor and architecture. If you are wondering where to start with your eclectic home interior design, keep reading!  

Colour Palette 

If you are unsure where to go with your design, the first step would be to select your colours. You can either go all out here or choose neutrals. It is advised that if you are unsure about your colour choice, you go for neutrals and build up from there. One easy tip is to choose a neutral colour and then choose two cohesive hues- either of the same colour or one that compliments the neutral. This allows for a blank canvas that can be used in any way possible. It’s also important to remember that the colour pallet decides the kind of furniture tones you can use as well as the metals that will go well with the look. For example, darker colours like blacks and greens go well with brass and copper whereas neutrals look good with silver and gold. Try disrupting the space with a few patterned or textured walls that would not traditionally go with the colours. Eclectic style is all about freedom and contrast.  

Combine Era’s 

As long as you achieve continuity, combining different eras will work perfectly in unifying your room. Choose pieces that look good together, regardless of era and design choice. Contrasting pieces work too. The best way to choose furniture for the eclectic interior design styles is by looking for pieces that have similar lines. You can also research three different styles or eras and then choose one to be the dominant one while the other two act as accents. These eras can either be cohesive or in complete contrast to each other- depending on who is designing the space.  

Layout and repetition 

Layout and repetition are both equally important when it comes to ensuring that your eclectic interior design style does not look messy and untidy rather than maximalist. The best way to find a layout is by making the room functional for a conversation. Think about where your guests will sit- is there a place for them to keep their cups down? Where will your technology go? It is always better to have your TV wall mounted when choosing this kind of style. For professional TV wall mounting, click here. These questions will help you make a layout that is cohesive and usable. Using repetition in your layout is another way to make the design look cohesive, despite the numerous contrasting elements. This is because repetition breeds comfort and can be seen as something that makes a space more balanced. You can use repetitive patterns and colours throughout the house to make it all look like it belongs to the same design. You can add slight alterations to the repetitive patterns and textures to create a bigger impact.  

Groups and scales 

Interesting groupings are at the forefront of eclectic design. It is recommended to have pairings in odd numbers rather than even numbers as they are easier to draw focus and remember. Interesting and new groupings of non-traditional décor are what add personality to an eclectic room. Group items together by colour, size or purpose for a greater visual impact.  

The scale of items on display matters a lot as well. The size of one object to another and their difference keeps the room interesting and visually impactful. Consider the height, diameter as well as width of the objects that you are arranging together. This means that while the décor and furnishings may appear to exist on different scales when put together, they will look cohesive.  

Take risks and add quirks 

Eclectic rooms are all about taking risks- with the décor, colours, and patterns. It is a good thing to forget about the rules and go with what you like and think looks good. Trial and error pairings will help you achieve the home of your dreams. Therefore, don’t shy away from pairings just because they might not seem like the ‘likely pairing’. Instead, go all out. It is also important to remember that eclectic design celebrates your personality. This means including décor and art that makes you happy and adds your own ‘quirk’ to the place. Make use of underutilized spaces to add such items or use them to break the monotony of space.  

One of the easiest ways to do this is by displaying your passions or your curated collections- if you like books, include them around the house as a décor item or give them their spotlight by building a bookshelf! The idea is to add your touches that make the space comfortable and happy for you.  

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