Interesting Facts about Online Casinos You Were Unaware of

Those of you who love to gamble online surely are familiar with the newest online slots that will be added to the assortments of their favorite casinos. We are positive that you like to be the first one to learn the latest news when it comes to gambling. This article of ours will surely intrigue fans of betting.

Although we won’t provide you with data about the upcoming titles by popular software providers, we’ll deliver information that’s both educational and super interesting. In the following lines, you will be presented with the six most curious facts about online casinos we bet you didn’t know!

6 Fun Facts about Online Casinos Most Active Players Don’t Know

When it comes to online gambling, most players are mainly focused on laying bets on their favorite games and potentially increasing their income. Nevertheless, there are also people who want to know more about the iGaming world. Finding the best UK online casinos, for instance, is not enough for them. On the contrary, those who are immensely interested in gambling want to know everything about online casinos and are constantly in search of new information. Luckily, today, we’ll share six facts about online casinos that are completely true and super captivating.

The Very First Online Casino in the World

Have you ever wondered when did the whole online gambling thing start? Well, the truth is that the first-ever online casino with real money launched in 1994. That was the year when the well-known casino software provider Microgaming was founded. The company did its best to become a true leader in the gambling industry, and it certainly succeeded.

After its establishment, the brand released the online casino named Gaming Club. Although there were just a few gaming products present on the innovative platform, customers were immensely content. In the following years, other brands emerged, and they, too, started releasing online gambling websites for betting devotees.

More Than $5 Billion Revenue for the Online Gambling Marker Per Year

According to a survey conducted in the UK in the last couple of years, approximately 20% of the overall population gamble on a regular basis. This would mean that the estimated annual revenue the online gambling market collects from players is higher than $5 billion. Considering how many new casinos emerge every year, we are certain that this figure will grow tremendously in the near future.

Mega Moolah: The Best Slot When It Comes to Jackpots

If you love gambling, you have certainly heard about the Mega Moolah slot delivered by Microgaming. The medium-to-high variance game impresses with superb graphics, numerous high-paying symbols, and an unbelievably high progressive jackpot. The lucky winner who managed to win the mesmerizing figure of $23.5 million shared that his bet was equal to only $0.75.

Two years later, the very same online slot awarded another lucky punter a prize equal to $19.9 million. Jonathan Heywood was not ready to spare more than $1.50 for his try with the machine. Obviously, his bet was perfectly enough, considering that he became one of the biggest jackpot winners of all time.

Crypto Makes Its Way into Online Gambling

Some of you probably know that recently a large number of crypto-based online casinos emerged. They feature well-known classical casino games, such as slots, roulette, poker, etc. The only difference between a crypto casino and a traditional virtual casino is that the first type accepts deposits made in cryptocurrencies.

If you’re a fan of digital currencies, you will most likely have the time of your life on these platforms. Some players prefer them because they guarantee complete anonymity when it comes to withdrawals. Plus, some sites don’t even require customers to provide personal information. Instead, users are only obliged to give details about the crypto wallet address they’ll use to make deposits and withdrawals. Although these casinos are growing in popularity, the majority of active bettors are still incredibly skeptical of their reliability.

Betting via A Phone Call

Online sports betting is quite simple; you just access the website, pick a betting market, and lay your bets. Nonetheless, in some states, registered customers on certain websites are required to reach a customer support representative via phone call in order to place their wagers. That is usually done for live bets on games that are being played at the moment.

Most Gamblers Cannot Beat Slots

Online slots are definitely the most popular casino games in the entire world. No matter which online casino you access, you will most likely run into at least 200 digital machines. The reason why they’re so well-liked is that they’re diverse, fun, simple to play, and most of the time, they feature bonuses that look so appealing that players would spend hours trying to trigger them.

The latter, however, often results negatively for the player and positively for the house. The reason being is that gamblers may spend thousands of dollars with the hope of activating a bonus game that will give them multipliers, expanding wilds, free spins, or other attractive benefits. Nevertheless, what often happens is that the amount of money the bettor has spent is much higher than the potential prize they’ll get from the bonus.

That is one of the reasons why most skilled casino players prefer to try out their luck with other games, such as blackjack and poker. The latter is considered a game of skill rather than a game of chance, which means that the bettor will have a higher chance of beating the casino. Blackjack is also said to be a skill-based game; however, some punters believe that the card-counting strategy does not work at online casinos.


We hope you enjoyed your time spent here. The iGaming world is illimitable, which means that something is always happening there. This is the thing that makes online casinos and online gambling, in general, so fascinating to millions of players around the world. If you’re curious to find out whether or not some of the statements listed above are true, make sure you use a reliable platform. Also, don’t forget that responsible gambling should be your first priority when it comes to betting online.

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