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Calculating a company’s filing receipts, expenses, recording payable and receivable accounts, and preparing financial statements that represent profits and losses are all part of the bookkeeper’s job description. The occupation necessitates computer literacy, according to various job descriptions at Darcy Services. Before becoming a professional in the area, bookkeepers get an understanding of the work through education and experience gained as an apprentice.  Top bookkeepers in Brisbane are recruited to keep track of the financial records of firms ranging in size from small to huge. Accounting clerks and auditing clerks are two terms used to describe bookkeepers. 

Job Purpose And Nature Of Bookkeeping 

Individual bookkeepers are engaged by small businesses, whereas major corporations use whole auditing or accounting organizations to keep their books in order. When financial books or records are left in the hands of amateurs, any firm is likely to flop or collapse, either due to asset mismanagement or forced closure due to unpaid taxes. A bookkeeper’s responsibilities also include ensuring that all assets are properly accounted for. Funds may go missing if an accounting clerk’s work isn’t meticulous. Payroll, purchase or acquisition of tangible assets, and collecting from creditors are all tasks that some companies subcontract. 

Large corporations use a staff of bookkeepers, each specializing in a different aspect of financial records. Payroll master or clerk refers to the person who is in charge of all things related to payroll. Another person will be in charge of all accounts receivable, while a colleague will be in charge of all accounts payable. 

Clerks at the entry-level just crunch numbers, record, and input data. Supervisors with more experience have extra responsibilities such as balancing all records, doing bank reconciliations, and developing company-wide rules to aid in the achievement of the organization’s financial goals. Corporations that require a staff of bookkeepers can either outsource the work to independent organizations or create a separate department to handle their accounts. As a measure of checks and balances, all firms will hire independent auditors at least once to check on the records and posts of bookkeepers. 

Becoming A Bookkeeper 

Bookkeeping professions need patience and meticulous attention to detail due to 40-hour workweeks. Some people love doing freelance work on the side while still working full-time. Bookkeepers used to hold at least 2 million of the available employment in the United States. According to statistics, the need for bookkeepers is stable and expanding. 

While a high school certificate and a vocational course in accounting might get you to work as a bookkeeper, larger firms prefer college graduates or, in certain cases, need you to be a certified public accountant. Others have combined basic courses with business studies modules in order to get better jobs, such as top management roles. Those who are currently working go for the same or a better degree of education in order to advance in their careers. 


 Before you may take the qualifying test for the title of Certified Bookkeeper (CB), the Institute of Professional Bookkeepers needs at least two years of related experience. The certification is not a permanent title; you must retain it by participating in continuing education once every three years to stay current with changes.

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