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Importance of Sleep: How Much Sleep Should High School Students Get?

A lot of you might have found this topic interesting due to the word sleep and its rarely discussed importance in educational institutions. But this must be noticed that sleep is one of the most important parts of our daily routine and one cannot function efficiently without having it properly. 

Those children and students who usually do not get enough sleep are inviting health problems themselves. The behavior of such students may not be appropriate in the classrooms and they would not be able to perform well in their academics. 

Moreover, those students who do not get a good amount of sleep, have higher chances to get in contact with life-threatening diseases. Such diseases include obesity, diabetes, injuries, low focus span, poor mental health, moody behaviors, and scattered mindset. 

In educational institutions, teachers and administration are highly recommended to conduct sessions and workshops about sleep and its importance among students and their parents. 


If you are the one who gets to bed on time and wakes up right with the alarm then you might be having a fully productive routine of life. Sleep plays a significant role to enhance the well-being and health of a person throughout his life. Once your sleep routine is maintained, you would be able to nail down each task of your workday proficiently. 

Consider your sleep and its routine as the food to your brain! 

Apart from numerous physical benefits, sleep is essential for mental health as well. If you would not be taking the proper amount of sleep required by your body, you won’t be able to work the very next day. You will feel tired, your moods will swing, and you will not be able to reflect any productivity. 

Here is a strange fact for you presented by the expert writers of capstone project writing service, around 10% to 30% of the population worldwide is suffering from insomnia. This ratio has been observed as high as 50 to 60% in adults, females, and people with mental ill-health. 

There are so many people around us who are suffering from sleep deprivation and they get reduced quality of sleep. If your sleep case is having any complexities and you are having any critical sleep disorder then you must contact the doctor right away. 


Didn’t you know all this information about sleep ever before? 

Are you a working teenager with an improper routine of sleep?

Do your eyes and head hurt due to the lack of sleep? 

Well, if yes then you have landed the right place because in this guide we are going to talk about the importance of sleep and its average requirement in the life of a teenager. Ready to jump in this guide? Let’s move ahead. 

How much sleep do you need?

One of the basic issues related to sleep is the question of how much sleep someone needs. A very simple answer to this question is that the amount of sleep that someone needs depends upon their age group. Experts have highlighted, children aged 6-12 should sleep 9-12 hours per 24 hours. Teenagers aged 13-19 should sleep 8-10 per 24 hours. 

However, sleep requirements get stabilize in early adult life. After the age of 20, individuals may vary in their sleep requirements. Researches have reflected, 6-8 hours of sleep at night are enough for an adult and young person to function in the best way. 

But what we have observed is that the students in high school and universities do not get the required amount of sleep and stay up late at night. This is severe for the physical and mental health of teenagers and students. 

Reasons and aftereffects of sleeping disorder:

Since a lot of students are using digital gadgets and so many of the youngsters own a smartphone, this has led the students to obtain an unhealthy lifestyle and sleep routine. 

Not getting enough sleep on daily basis may lead to lethal sleep deprivation and can put a huge negative impact on a student’s life. This would further affect mental comfort and would destroy the entire academic performance. Moreover, lack of sleep also increases the risk of anxiety, depression, decreased self-confidence, and lower self-esteem. 

Recent studies have also shown that 73% of high school students are not getting the demanded sleep. This is directly impacting their grades in the classroom and their continuous absence from school. 

Teachers have also reported that the students with a lack of sleep are often found moody and less patient towards their surroundings. Hectic schedules, sleeping disorders, academic pressure, afterschool activities, and the use of digital technology have also led the students towards sleep deprivation. 


Sticking to a consistent sleep schedule during the school days and weekends would help the students of high school to perform well in their academics. Parents are recommended to keep a light-hand watch over their kids when it comes to the use of technology and mobile phone. Take care of your eyesight and limit exposure to extreme light. You can also try 5 best assignment writing services in uk for yourself to get some of the study load off and get better sleep. 

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