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Importance of Lanterns in Home Decor

Lamps are a wonderful way to up the decorative value of a room with their simple and elegant Home design. A lantern can be utilised in a variety of ways. For example, lanterns can be used as a centrepiece on a dining table or as a decorative feature on a console to bring physical and symbolic light to your room. In addition, lanterns help to boost your home’s positive vibe. The usage of clever lighting is a simple way to activate good energy.

Increasing the density of a lantern’s interior can result in a stunning work of art. On the outside, the lantern is completely coated with a thin, non-see-through material that conceals its true nature. They could appear to be nothing more than a covered lamp from the outside. However, by adding extra layers to the inside of the cover, you may create images with astonishing depth. When the lantern is turned on, the denser the material becomes, and fewer light escapes, which can be used to create shading for a picture.

Different Types of Lanterns

Lanterns have been a mainstay of rustic style design in the last twenty decades, but there was a time when lanterns were the primary means of seeing your home and even the world around you. There are many different varieties of lanterns, but we’ll focus on a few of the more common ones in this guide:

  • Brass Lantern

Brass is an auspicious traditional metal in Indian culture, and it has been used as an intrinsic element of Indian culture since time immemorial. Since brass has Ayurvedic benefits and its presence in the home is thought to impact one’s health and well-being positively. Brass is also environmentally benign and recyclable, making it an excellent choice for the environment.

Brass lantern metallurgy in India dates back millennia. It is now an integral element of all important occasions and festivals and is even used to serve meals on festive days. Brass Lanterns are handcrafted and have some imperfections due to human involvement. Because handmade items are unique, slight differences may be in texture, colour, and size. Most people’s favourite home decor accessory is a lantern, and we adored making these in brass. The Brass Lanterns include handcrafted jaali embellishments in a rustic brass finish. These are perfect for interior and outdoor decor because they are lacquered with all the necessary lacquers.

  • Antique Lantern

Bring in colourful, brilliant, and antique lanterns available in various styles, sizes, patterns, and materials to elevate the decor of your area or add a touch of festive ambience. There are a variety of lanterns available, including sky kandils, table lamps, hanging lamps, and more, that may be lighted with various light sources, including CFL, oil, LED bulbs, candles, or tea lights. Bone china, borosilicate glass, earthenware, porcelain, brass, bronze, Here are some ideas for placing decorative lanterns in different nooks and hooks throughout your home.

  • On a Console Table in the Entryway

The first point of contact between your guests and your home is the doorway. The prologue to the book will be your home, and it must set the correct tone. And it’s here that lanterns can play a slight but significant role. Lanterns, when used with mirrors, create a stunning décor ensemble. Mirrors reflect and enhance light, making the room appear bright and inviting.

  • As a centrepiece for a dining or coffee table

If you have a large dining table and want to create a modern tablescape, use a couple of tiny vases filled with flowers as your centrepiece and a small lantern. It’s pleasing to the eye, yet it doesn’t detract from the people of the conversation. Lanterns, on the other hand, make excellent coffee table centrepieces. In addition, lanterns look lovely when grouped with other modest decorative pieces like books or pots.

  • Placed on a Table In the Space Between a Sofa and a Wall

Because of the shadows, the space between a sofa and a wall can appear drab. Use a lantern to brighten up the environment and make it feel more alive.

  • Using Hooks to Hang

Lanterns can be hung from hooks to form a visually appealing display. You can hang two lanterns together at alternating heights for an asymmetrical but visually beautiful show or position them on two sides of a furniture piece for a symmetrical display.

  • Lantern Decor For the Season

Lanterns are also a terrific way to showcase tiny holiday decorations neatly. Do you have more decorations than your tree can handle or ornaments that don’t necessarily suit your tree’s aesthetic? Put the extras in a lantern as a decoration. As Indian culture focuses on handmade products with the best quality and affordable prices, EK should be a good choice. Pine cones, holly, and smaller tree branches can also be used to add to the holiday spirit! Your lanterns can be dressed up during any season.

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