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Implementing the Best EMR System For Your Practice

Many have chosen Advanced MD from shortlisting EMR systems available in the market. Electronic medical records (EMR) are becoming more complex and can sometimes become highly cumbersome at times; they generally require an in-depth learning curve, not to mention an ill-designed program that could quickly get you exhausted, frustrated, and off track. To address these issues, many have turned to a medical imaging specialist who can help design and customize the best EMR system for their particular needs. These specialists are also responsible for implementing these software applications. Thus, they know what is best for your medical practice and ensure that it is appropriately implemented.

Designing and implementing the best EMR system

However, designing and implementing the best EMR system for your small practices is not an easy task. It may not even be possible without the help of an expert. The good news is that several companies today offer consultancy services for small practices on the Internet. This service has been specifically designed to help small clinics and hospitals to set up the best EMR system within their budgets while offering the most comprehensive benefits.

Best EMR system

For small practices, the best EMR system would entail integrating an EMR system that gathers all patient information in a centralized database. This database can be accessed by various authorized personnel who will access the data to perform their functions and responsibilities. This would include physicians, clinical associate professionals, and account handlers. However, the database should contain accurate and complete data pertinent to the services rendered by each physician or professional involved in the clinic or hospital. For instance, medical records should have demographic and medical information relevant to diagnoses, patient treatments, procedures, and billing information.
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Several online consulting firms offer consultation services

Today, several online consulting firms offer consultation services for the best EHR systems. They conduct audits, evaluations and provide recommendations on how to improve your current EHR system. They can do this by researching and reviewing your current system, current practices, and best practices in your field. This allows them to customize your EHR solution to meet your unique needs. Moreover, they can provide quick delivery and installation of the software, which would make your implementation process fast and effective.

Implementing your new EHR system

Before implementing your new EHR system, several things need to be considered and addressed. These include issues on compliance and privacy. These two issues have been regarded as the top priority by several insurance companies and health plans. For this reason, insurance providers require practices to undergo HIPAA training as part of the application process. In addition, HIPAA training can provide practitioners with information on proper security measures for patient medical information. This includes training on password protection and identity theft prevention and can help implement more powerful customer service strategies.

Encounter-based programs

Some of the best solutions for small practices involve encounter-based programs. Encounter-based programs are designed to keep medical information confidential and private while reducing duplicate testing. Encounter-based programs are also known as personal physician portals. One challenge that small practices face is that they cannot afford to develop large databases full of patient information. Hence, encounter-based programs are used to access necessary data without creating a database that would be too large for their budget.
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Another type of EHR system

Another type of EHR system for small practices is the application service provider (ASP). An ASP EHR system can integrate with the practices’ CRM so that health information is shared between the two systems. The ASP approach is ideal for smaller organizations that don’t require the high-end reliability and availability of big data. ASP solutions are also a perfect choice for practices looking to build greater operational competency by managing and operating smaller data stores and can easily handle scalability.

A medical office manager

Suppose you’re a medical office manager or administrator considering implementing an emergency care order or CPOE in your practice. In that case, you should also look into implementing a billing software product similar to EMR-focused ERP. These products are available as stand-alone products or as integrated solutions. With the help of an implemented billing software solution, medical offices can receive value-added features that will enhance their ability to provide quality patient care. When evaluating the best EMR system, it’s essential to consider whether the software will provide the kinds of capabilities that will best suit your practice. It’s also necessary to assess whether you’ll need to customize your software to fit your organization’s unique requirements. Finally, make sure that your chosen software product has robust technical support backed by comprehensive auditing and training resources.

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