How You Can Build A Good Character During Academic Life?

School is not a just place for learning. Along with knowledge, a student learns many other things as well. Schools inculcate moral and ethical values among students. These honest and ethical values help the students to build their character. Schools have a significant role in the overall development of a student. Teachers play role models for students. School is where the founding stone of a student’s career is placed. Every school sets a tone of respect, honesty, kindness, etc., for the students. Students learn various school lessons. Tolerance, handling pressure, gratitude, problem-solving, combating challenges, etc., are significant in the character building of a student. A student learns all these things during his academic life.

It is significant to teach character-building values among the students. It is not an easy but an essential task in developing a better community. Children are the future of any society. Students must build their character. The organization’s development is highly dependent upon the development of students.

A good character is essential in developing an impact on society. Various schools organize social service camps, community help desks, etc., to teach their students the feeling of responsibility for society.

Building a good character is not an easy task. It is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is challenging to develop a personality-free from any wrong.

But in the past few years, students have been distanced from schools. With the pandemic in the air, schools have now started providing help with online class to students. Therefore, it has become more challenging for the students to learn the values they would learn in schools.

There are various ways to build a good character during academic life :

Morality And Ethics

Moral values and ethics are values that a human uses to define what is right and what is wrong. Ethics helps the student to differentiate between good and evil. It is a prerequisite for a person to know what is right and mistaken for a good character. These values come from within oneself. These cannot be imposed. Ethics include – trustworthiness, honesty, respect, responsibility, integrity, etc. ethics act as the pillar of character.


Discipline is another critical factor in the overall development of a student. A well-disciplined student tends to impact others positively. An undisciplined student creates a hostile environment around him. Discipline plays a vital role in the character building of a student.

The best form of discipline is self-discipline. In this, a student sets the rule for himself and follows them. To own a great character, you must know the laws that govern you from within. Set a good example for others.

Exhibit Good Behavior

To build a good character, you must exhibit good behavior. Good behavior includes respect for the elderly, love for younger ones, and praise for those who exhibit good behavior. Be sure to be a good example. This can be achieved by setting a role model for yourself.

Technology-Driven World

It has become difficult to interact with others owing to the pandemic. Lesser interaction also impacts one’s character. In the technology-driven world, everyone has come closer to each other yet far away.

A question that rose in prominence in the last few months is how a student can build his character in the technology-driven world. Online classes have limited the scope of the student to teacher interaction. Many students take online courses to help them learn various courses that can help them build their character.

Many platforms provide various services that indirectly help the students build their character, such as – Aleks Answer- which offers online class help to the students. Quizzes, tests, etc., provided by these platforms test the student’s tolerance, decision-making capability, pressure handling capacity, etc.

Apex Answers Key helps students review their progress and work hard on their lag concepts.

Stay Positive

Positivity is the key to the sound functioning of the brain. It is equally important in the character-building of students. A positive student attracts more people towards him.

A positive mindset builds positive character.

Social Responsibility

Every person has a responsibility towards society. Helping other people work for their betterment is known as social work. Social responsibility encourages students to work for the community. It instills a feeling of consciousness among the students. Social responsibility is a core activity for good character development in academic life.

Leadership Qualities

Leadership quality is a basic tenet of a powerful character. You can lead a group of people for the better of society. You became a role model for the younger generation.

A leader continuously learns from his past mistakes. His nature must be accepting and accommodating.

You can teach others the importance of volunteerism and social responsibility.


Self-esteem helps the student learn how they want to be treated and how they treat themselves. They must know to voice their needs, They should accept their failures. They should explore opportunities to prove themselves.

With self-esteem, students can evaluate their skills and other traits, which will eventually help them build their character.


Motivation is a must for building character and with motivation, students aspire to learn more. When the students are motivated so they work harder; work on their weaknesses; get their work done on time, learn new skills, and be respectful and kind.


Being respectful is an essential part of career building. They should respect their teacher, fellow students; parents and family members;  the environment, etc.

Above discussed things play a crucial role in the character-building of the students.

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