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How will you Convince Customer in Tech Support?

One of the most challenging questions for a salesperson to answer is “How will you convince the customer in tech support?” In most companies, there is a significant difference between customers’ perception of technical issues and IT support perspective. When customers perceive that their problem is something technical that cannot be resolved quickly, and IT support can efficiently resolve it, the latter’s opinion can affect a salesperson’s ability to win customer trust. A salesperson who cannot convince the client that his solution can resolve the problem is not doing his job as a professional. How will you convince the customer in tech support?

Level of Frustration 

The first step in convincing a customer in tech support is to understand the types of queries that people in your field face. For example, you need to know if the problem is with the hardware, software, or both. It would help if you also determined the level of frustration the client is expressing, as this will help you decide which approach you should take when approaching a solution to the problem.

There are many ways to gain this understanding. The best way is to talk to a few different customers who have contacted IT support in the past to find out how the agents treated them. This will give you a better idea about what you should be prepared to offer to a potential client. Some tips for talking to customers include asking them if the agent could solve their problem and what they thought of the service you provided.

Free Tech Support Tool

When speaking to customers, make sure you ask them how long it took them to receive the solution to their problem. Is there anything you can do to reduce this wait time? You can offer to let them use a free tech support tool, so they can let the IT department know you’re working with them to improve their experience with your services. You can also offer to make their problem easier to solve, at no extra charge. You might also suggest setting up a free tech support forum on the Internet for the customer to place any support questions they may have online. An anonymous platform will provide them with an outlet to voice their opinions without revealing their identity. There are lots of good tech review site that review agency services.

How will you convince a customer of tech support?

Ask them if there is anything you can do to make their experience with you more pleasant? If you show that you are interested in listening to the customer’s problems, they will be more likely to open up to you. You can even make your tech support sessions more useful by asking the customer questions relating to their specific needs. You don’t have to provide a solution to every question posed, but merely making sure you can answer it will show them you are interested in solving their problem.

Particular Problem

Asking the right questions is essential when communicating with the customer. For example, do you have a way to track the exact time that your caller was trying to call you? By doing so, you will know how many times you are receiving calls back regarding their problem. By tracking the calls you are receiving, you will be able to discern which of the many possible issues the customer is having. You will be able to identify how much time you are spending resolving each particular problem. Knowing the exact number of calls you are taking to fix each problem can help you determine if you are truly solving the customers’ problem or just wasting their time.

Technical Support

Once you have identified the problem affecting your customer, listen to them, and address the issue carefully. You may have to come up with several solutions to get to the root of the problem, but when you do, you should ensure that you explain all of your strategies before you give the customer any details. This will make the technical support session more like discussing the specific problem and less like you are simply giving your opinion on a template or report.


How will you convince the customer of tech support? By keeping them informed and giving them options. Following these tips on how you will convince a customer in tech support may help you become a better tech support representative and increase the number of clients willing to hire you.

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