How Urine Color helps to Check your Health 

How Urine Color helps to Check your Health 

You may observe that healthcare providers ask for your urine sample when it comes to diagnosing any health problem. Experts say that urine keeps all the health secrets and clues. Urine helps in getting a clue of bacteria, drugs, glucose, blood cells, etc. 

Urinalysis is a test that spills the beans about your health and the drugs you are using. The doctor performs this test and finds out about your condition. But it is not necessary to go to the doctor, every time you have some physical health issue. 

One of the best urologists in Lahore reveals some signs of urine that can tell you how healthy you are. Into your well-being insight, different factors contribute, including urine colour, frequency, and transparency. 

Let’s explore what your urine colour says about you. 

You may notice urine color when you go to the bathroom. Sometimes, it is yellow, or often it appears in transparent color. It changes throughout the day and depends on what you eat or drink. 

Urine color indicates the different levels of hydration, whether it’s light or dark in color. Sometimes, darker urine gives the signal of some health problem. 

Many body components give information about your health and how your body organs work. When we talk about nails, for example, we’re talking about your health and body processes. Urine is another technique to see if your urinary tract is in good working order.

The majority of people have no idea how to diagnose urinary incontinence. If you have urinary incontinence, you should see your doctor so that they can determine what type it is and how to treat it.

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The doctor starts by taking your medical history and then does a physical examination to confirm the diagnosis. Top urologists in Lahore believe that performing a manoeuvre can assist in demonstrating the illness. Doctors may ask you to cough or pee in some circumstances.

How Urine Color helps to Check your Health 

Urine Color and Your Health 

Various urine colors include:

Pale or straw-colored: It is a healthy urine color that gives a positive health response. This urine color also shows that you are going with enough water intake. 

Urine that is Transparent in Color: Excessiveness of anything is not good for your health. Drinking too much water results in transparent color urine, which means you are drinking too much water.

When It Is Dark Yellow: Dark yellow is a normal response of urine, but it also says that you are at the border of dehydration. So, drink water to reduce the risk of dehydration. 

Honey Colored Urine: This urine color says that you are likely to have dehydration. You can buy some juices or other fluids to fill the deficiency of water in your body. 

When Your Urine Is Brownish: Brownish urine color indicates dehydration, or it can be a sign of liver disease. Sometimes, you drink enough water and still experience brownish color urine. In such a condition, you must talk to your doctor to keep yourself in check. 

Red or Pink Urine Color: If you haven’t eaten a beetroot or any other such colored food that turns your urine red or pink, it is a warning sign that it is the blood in your urine. You should not get worried but visit your doctor and share the condition. It might be a sign of urinary tract infection or can be a sign of a kidney cyst, kidney stone, or men’s prostate condition. 

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Orange Color Urine: Orange color is a sign of dehydration but you should visit a urologist to make sure of the reason behind it. Studies say that it might be a sign of liver disease or a bile duct. Sometimes, it is the result of innocuous medications. 

Black or a Dark Color Urine: Very dark or black color urine can be a sign of copper or poisoning. In such condition, you should not waste time but call your doctor as soon as possible 

Milky Colored or Cloudy: Cloudy urine indicates a problem in the urinary tract. It might be a urinary tract infection. Kidney stone also shows the sign of cloudy urine. 

Foamy Urine: When your urine stream is very fast, it means that you have a full bladder most of the time. If you notice it only once or twice, it is normal but persisting in foamy urine can be a sign of a kidney problem. 

Blue or Green Colored Urine: It may scare you, but it isn’t a serious condition. Food dyes or medication can cause this type of urine color. It may be a sign of a urinary tract infection. Contact your healthcare provider and discuss this. 

Overactive bladder syndrome is when you have to pee suddenly or run to the bathroom. Frequent urination can be the signs of some of the serious conditions, such as diabetes, vaginal inflammation, stroke, urinary tract infection, enlarged prostate, bladder cancer, etc. 

Overactive Bladder, or OAB, is a disorder that affects many people. It has a strong link to urine incontinence. So, if you’re having trouble urinating frequently, don’t mistake it for an indication that you’re drinking too much water. You should be concerned about this and make an appointment with your urologist.

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Urinary incontinence is yet another symptom that something is amiss with your urinary tract. In such a dire situation, make sure to consult your urologist.

They will either suggest lifestyle changes or prescribe drugs to help you with your condition.

The provision of health care and other related therapies is contingent on the early and timely detection of diseases. Make sure you’re paying attention to your health and keeping an eye out for the symptoms listed above. If you see any of these warning signals, make sure you don’t waste any time.

Make an appointment with your urologist.


The urine smell also says a lot of it is stinky, drink water to stay hydrated. Persistent urine smell can be a sign of liver disease, or a sweet smell indicates uncontrolled diabetes.

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