How to write an OKR for your business?

The OKR system is an effective way of setting and communicating goals within an organization. It helps you stay organized by setting weekly/monthly goals that will keep your work more productive. It also helps in the alignment of personal and professional goals that are essential to succeed. OKRs help the company to constantly grow and to have a clear vision.

Some simple steps that will help you write your OKRs-

  • Set an objective-

The first step is to set an objective. It’s important to set goals for the quarter, and it tells you where your priorities lie. There should be at least five objectives each time so that everything gets done well. All the employees should set their objectives that should be aligned with those of the company. 

  • Set key results for each objective-

The second step is to set key results. The KR(Key Results) Indicate How You Will Meet Your Objective. A key result is a measurable, quantifiable objective that can be used to measure your success in meeting the overall goal. There should always be at least four Key Results for each major goal or objective. 

  • Measure and track OKR progress-

The third step is to track and review progress. The Organisation should hold 1:1 meetings to review the company and team OKR’s progress is essential. Constant meetings are a must to track and measure the performance of employees. The quarter’s progress should also be monitored throughout this period so that no steps are missed along the way, which could lead up to a flawless quarter. Holding a quarterly company-wide meeting to review company and team OKRs is essential.

  • At the start of each quarter, grade the previous quarter’s OKRs-

The next step is to grade the OKRs. Key results are graded individually, and an objective’s grade is the average of its key results. You should scale from 0 to 1. 

  • Take feedback and make amends-

This process is vital for ensuring the future success of your company. By taking feedback from employees, you can pinpoint where problems lie and make necessary corrections so that mistakes aren’t repeated in this area again.

OKRs are a great framework that adds value to your day-to-day work. They can be both fun as well as motivational. There are many OKR examples for operations , Human resources, marketing, sales, etc. You can use OKR in every department. If you want to make sure your team achieves success in the coming year, then take some time and write well-defined OKRs.

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