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How to Use Linux Dedicated Servers to Stream Live Video?


There has been a sharp escalation in live video streaming popularity from the past several years. If you are planning for a business or dealing with video content production, you need to obtain a reliable and stable hosting platform for its delivery. This is where the Linux dedicated server finds its perfect place. In this article, we will take a closer look at how Linux dedicated server hosting helps in the effective streaming of the live video. Furthermore, you will acquire insights into the hosting company you can rely upon for purchasing this hosting service. But before anything else, let us begin with discerning video streaming and its working.

What is Video Streaming and How Does it Work?

Technically, streaming is a kind of technology that facilitates the continuous delivery of audio or video files from a server to an end-user. For instance, watching Netflix or listening to podcasts comes under streaming service. The live streaming also does the same. However, it permits you to record and transmit video and audio feeds in real-time.

In streaming, you do not have to download files for listening or viewing them. The files are stored remotely and subsequently transmitted over the Internet to your end within a few seconds. Live streaming has come on a boom in recent times, especially when it comes to multiplayer video games. However, various businesses are also taking the benefit out of it by accumulating attention on social media and other platforms.

Now, if we talk about a catch here, the perfect world interprets streaming content as synonymous with a fast server. That implies you can not find any lag (latency) or poor video/audio quality while playing them. Therefore, successful streaming involves a reliable and powerful web hosting server. The hosting server must be capable of handling the high bandwidth or, we can say, visitor traffic and the processing needs that unavoidably come from streaming larger volumes of content. Any type of shared server hosting does not enable users to stream due to limited access to the resources and other varied reasons.

However, the Linux dedicated server, as mentioned earlier, serves as the ideal hosting solution for live video streaming. Jump to the section below to know how and why it is so!

Why Choose a Linux Dedicated Server for Live Video Streaming?

In simple words, a dedicated server indicates a physical machine that comprises all the required resources for hosting purposes. All these resources of the server are reserved for the user who purchases it.

Further, the dedicated server having Linux OS running at its base is termed a Linux dedicated server. Unlike other dedicated servers, the dedicated server with Linux provides the free licensing. This makes it far easier for anyone to run and manage the server efficiently. Also, since Linux OS is an open source network, you get quick, secure, and accessible updates on your system.

Complete control over the server

Your hosting provider gives you complete root access to your dedicated server. Consequently, you get the chance to set a server configuration that supports your live video streaming in the best way possible.

Customization power

You acquire the power to customize the programs, software, and applications that are beneficial for streaming. You can add, discard, or modify them anytime you desire.

High scalability

You get the flexibility to scale your server resources with the growth of your web business and increasing web traffic. With the right hosting provider, the scaling process can be done quickly and easily without affecting your business’s ongoing activities on the web.

High-grade security

With the Linux dedicated server, you get the isolated hosting platform that keeps the third parties away from disturbing or manipulating any of your server’s functionalities and data. Moreover, you can install custom security software and applications to give an extra layer of protection to your website.

With the Linux dedicated server, you gain the following benefits that enable you to operate live video streaming flawlessly with utmost ease.

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Take Video Streaming to the next level with Wise Solution

Let us introduce you to the reliable and one of the most successful hosting companies for buying Linux dedicated server hosting service – Wise Solution. The Wise Solution is a stand-alone and top-leading company renowned for rendering the best web hosting services in India. You will be able to acquire the required, customized dedicated hosting plan from the company at the most affordable price.

Peek into the following points to know the privileges you will have with the company’s cheap Linux dedicated server hosting –

  • You will acquire low latency and consistent network connectivity with the company’s server.
  • Your web business will obtain the premium bandwidth to manage heavily loaded multimedia along with the fast-speed server.
  • You will be able to upgrade your Linux dedicated server hosting plan instantly as and when needed in order to optimize the CPU, RAM, and processor for excellent performance.
  • You will get 24/7 technical support from the company’s experts who are highly skilled and provide quick solutions.


The Linux dedicated server provides the most powerful and robust hosting style to handle all the content hosting and streaming necessities. It gives you the authority to control the content you build and how it is delivered to your audience and/or subscribers. You acquire the full freedom to share and distribute your content swiftly anytime and the way you wish without any glitch. Browse the Wise Solution website now to grab further details about the leading Linux dedicated server hosting service and facilities – https://www.wisesolution.in/linux-dedicated-server.

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