Direct Mail Campaigns

How To Use Branded Promotional Products in Direct Mail Campaigns?

Did you know that direct mail campaigns have a 13x higher response rate than normal emails? And the response rate is triple that if the customer already has an existing rate with you. 

One of the oldest marketing methods businesses leverage to engage existing and potential customers, direct mail campaigns can include sending printed mailers, perishable items, corporate souvenirs, promotional products, and other physical items. Sales teams, marketing departments, growth teams, and recruiters often use this strategy to engage clients, prospects and leads in a meaningful way.

Advantages of Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail campaigns are a productive way to stand out from the digital clutter in the era of digital marketing. Here are some top benefits of a direct mail marketing campaign.

1. Memorability 

Direct mail campaigns tap into the positive human psychology of receiving physical gifts. It is memorable because of its human touch, which is becoming increasingly rare in the era of digital marketing.

2. Better Response

Because of the tactile engagement and the human touch, a direct mail marketing campaign enjoys a response rate significantly higher than the most powerful digital channel. It gives a high ROI on an integrated marketing campaign.

3. Less Competition

Direct mail marketing campaigns are so effective because not many businesses use them today in the era of digital marketing. Since fewer companies invest in tactile marketing, it helps your campaigns stand out.

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4. Creativity

There are endless possibilities to entice and entertain your customers and prospects. Direct mails help bring creativity to your campaign. You can deliver various creative items like handwritten cards, personalised gifts, seasonal gifts, consumable commodities, and more.

5. Usefulness

You get to give your recipient something useful that they will hold on to. This will help them remember you for a longer period as usefulness is an essential attribute of a marketing campaign.

Branded Promotional Products In Direct Mail Campaigns

A creative branded promotional product is an interesting way to generate the recipient’s interest in your marketing campaign. 

So, what should you keep in mind when selecting the right promotional item for your campaign? Apart from choosing the right product that suits your target audience, be innovative with the design. Find a way to link the deliverable with your business or marketing campaign. Here are a few things you can try out.

  • Promotional calendars
  • Branded ice scrapers
  • Printed puzzles
  • Promotional video cards
  • Branded product samples
  • Edible presents
  • Promotional 3-dimensional cutouts
  • Branded microfiber products
  • Promotional USB flash drive 
  • Seasonal items

What’s Your Marketing Strategy?

Companies shouldn’t solely rely on direct mail marketing. For one, you can go for a hybrid campaign. You could also pair up digital marketing with direct mail campaigns. When you are investing so much in a direct mail campaign, you want to ensure that your envelope is opened. Put interesting messages and graphics on the envelope and let your recipients know that there is a gift inside.

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