All the Ncell subscribers can easily and conveniently transfer the money or balance from their account to any other friend or relative who has a Ncell number. This transfer of balance or money can only take place to the main balance of their device. This service of Ncell helps any Ncell number user to send balance or money anytime to their friends or families who have a number of Ncell Nepal using similar code. Keep reading to know more about the process of how to transfer the balance in Ncell from another Ncell number.

Prepaid customers of Ncell are able to transmit balances of between Rs 10 and Rs 200 to some other Ncell number at once. So, here, the least amount that you can send is Rs 10 and the highest limit that you can send in one go is Rs 200. The most balance that may be moved in a day is Rs 600 due to Ncell’s restriction on the number of transfers, which is limited to three. Customers would benefit from this source of liquidity by avoiding any problems brought on by a lack of balance.



It should be noted that balance transfers cannot be made from Ncell premium to Ncell postpaid SIM cards or vice versa, nor from Ncell to Ntc or other carriers’ numbers. Therefore, balance transfers are only permitted between Ncell numbers. 

How can you transfer balance in Ncell?How Can You Transfer the Balance to Ncell?

Transfer balance in Ncell is very easy and you just need a minute to do so. Follow the steps to transfer the balance: 

To use the transfer service once, dial 17122.

Using the mobile number and sum of the recipient, dial a USSD code number.

Dial *17122, then enter the recipient’s cell phone number and the transfer amount.

Transfer of funds to Ncell

Take for example, dial *17122*98XXXXXXX*10#, where 98XXXXXXX is the recipient’s mobile number, to send Rs. 10 from your Ncell number to the other Ncell number of your friends or relatives. Let’s assume A sends the money and B receives it. After submitting the necessary amount via the USSD code or a mobile app, A’s balance is debited and added to B’s balance. Balance transfer on Ncell Service fees

For each balance transfer, there is a service fee of Rs 1 (excluding taxes). Therefore, the service price increases to Rs 1.28 when the 13% TSC and VAT are added. Therefore, if you transmit Rs. 10 from one mobile to another, the recipient’s phone will only receive Rs. 8.76. By deducting the service fee from the amount transmitted, they arrive at the received amount. The recipient will also subtract any outstanding balances for services such as loans from the sent balance. 

Customers can ring 17122 to get the IVR information to learn more about the money/balance transfer. Only Ncell prepaid numbers can send money to other Ncell prepaid numbers. Transferring money from a SIM belonging to another operator or to Ntc cannot be done in Ncell. 

People can prevent issues caused by the unexpected disappearance of balance or any pack thanks to this balance transfer service. The recipient of the transferred funds may use it for calls, SMS/MMS, and internet browsing.N

How Can You Get the Security Code of NTC?

Please enter the message box, type “score,” and send it to 1415 to receive your NTC security code. Your additional security code for your NCT sim will be informed to you in a short while.

How Can You Transfer Balance From Ncell to Ncell?

Users of Ncell must dial 17122 to activate the service. This service will be made publicly available without charge. In your phone dialer, enter *17122 *Receiver phone number*Amount# to transfer a balance from Ncell to Ncell. You can transfer a minimum of Rs 10 and a maximum of Rs 200. Ncell will also tack on a 1% service fee for using this feature. Prepaid sim cards are the only ones that support balance transfers.

How Can You Transfer the Balance From NTC to Ncell?

It is not possible to transfer the balance from NTC to Ncell so you can not transfer the amount of money from NTC to Ncell. 

Can you transfer balance from NTC to esewa?

Can You Transfer the Balance From NTC to Esewa?

No, it is not possible to transfer the balance from NTC to eSewa yet but you can recharge NTC with esewa balance for your convenience. 

How to Transfer the Balance From Abroad?

Additionally, some who reside abroad want the balance or money sent to their phone. There are those who travel with their Ncell SIM cards. Therefore, they wish to transfer the remaining amount for roaming or use right away when they arrive at the airport. There is no balance transfer available for this, but you can recharge your Ncell number online with a debit or credit card. 

Comparison to NtcComparison to NTC

Ncell’s money transfer capabilities are somewhat constrained when compared to Ntc. Only three times per day may the balance be sent by First Ncell clients. Second, as was already indicated, Ncell charges a service fee for each transfer. In contrast, sending money with NTC is absolutely free and is limited to five times. 


1. What is actually Ncell Balance Transfer?

All the prepaid users of Ncell can receive as well as send money or balance anywhere, anytime from their smartphone to their close one’s Ncell numbers. 

2. Do you need to activate this service?

The prepaid users of Ncell need to dial 17122 to activate this service and this is absolutely free. 

3. How can you utilize this service?

While transferring a balance from one number to another, dial *17122*<Type receiver’s mobile number>*<Type transfer amount>#. Take for example if you want to transfer Rs. 50, you need to dial *17122*98XXXXXXXX*50#. 

4. What is the minimum amount required to transfer?

The minimum amount that you can transfer is as low as Rs. 10 at once and you can transfer upto three times in a day. 

5. What is the maximum amount that is allowed to transfer?

The maximum amount that can be transferred in one day is Rs. 200 at a time and it can be upto three times a day. 

6. Are there any kind of service charges to transfer the balance?

Yes, Re. 1 will be deducted from the transferred account every time you do a transfer. 


We have explained how you can transfer balance in Ncell in our article. Hope this helps you and now you can transfer amounts from one device to another. 

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