How to Stay Away From the Hollywood Party Scene

Parties are often seen as the go-to activity for many people. After all, parties are a great way to meet new people and bond with friends. Plus, they’re a great source of entertainment.

The party scene has been glamorized in many different TV shows and Watch free movies online. And in Hollywood, it’s popular with tourists, residents, and celebrities alike. But is going to parties all that glamorous? 

For alcoholics, the party scene can have disastrous consequences. A person’s drinking affects them and affects their loved ones as well. 

Luckily, there are recovery centers available to help addicts combat their addiction. A Hollywood recovery center can get you back on track and away from the party life. 

However, regardless of whether you’re an addict, if partying has adverse side effects, you should stop attending them. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for people who get wrapped up in the Hollywood party scene to get into financial debt. 

If you desire to stop getting roped into the Hollywood party scene, here are a few pointers. These tips should set you down the right path! 

1. Know the Signs of Addiction

Hollywood’s party scene is very enticing. And in fact, many people get so wrapped in it they don’t realize the harm it causes.

For example, you may not be a big drinker when you’re not partying. But as soon as you attend a party, you can’t say no. There’s alcohol everywhere, so it’s much too easy to keep drinking. 

To avoid going to parties, you should keep in mind that you may become addicted. Becoming addicted to alcohol and drugs can destroy your life if you’re not careful. 

And if you already are an addict, staying away will allow you to not fall back into your old ways. 

2. Drink During Outings and Forgo Parties 

If you make poor decisions while partying, find other ways to enjoy alcohol. 

It could be having a drink after work takes away the temptation of attending a party. You could invite a co-worker to catch up with you over a quick drink after work. Finding a safer, better alternative is the way to go when you’re trying to forgo the party scene. 

Even if you stop attending parties, still know your alcohol and spending limits. As mentioned, drinking too much is detrimental to your health, but it’s costly too. 

3. Make New Friends

Even if you have friends you party with, try to make new ones you share interests with. 

Now’s the time to broaden your horizons. Go on a hike with a group of hikers. Or join a reading group. There are many ways to spend your time other than at parties. 

If you have close party friends, suggest trying new activities. You may be able to pull them away from partying and have more fun doing other hobbies!

4. Remind Yourself it’s Not a Safe to Be at Parties 

Even going to a party or two is fun, Hollywood parties can sometimes be unsafe. You may have had bad experiences at a party in the past. 

For example, you may have had people ask you for cash. Or, someone spiked your drink which made you sick. Another example is that the same person kept asking for your number, which made you uncomfortable. 

You should learn from the times partying was less enjoyable and unsafe. Use the past negative experiences to remind yourself to stay away from them.

5. Stay Involved With Other Things

You don’t want to party so much that you don’t have any time for other essential things in your life. 

You may go out and meet people and not put your total effort into forming a relationship. Staying closed off isn’t good if you want to grow as a person. 

There are a lot of good people to form friendships with. Focus your energy on creating relationships with people who support your dreams. Being with the right people is much better than getting wrapped up in the party life. 


The more you expose yourself to Hollywood’s party life, the more money you will spend. There will always be temptations in the party world. Eventually, your debt may increase over time. 

Knowing how to stay away from parties is critical if you want to make wise financial decisions. Not only that, but you don’t want to drink too much. Overdrinking can result in alcoholism and in other health problems too.

There are a lot of other activities you can enjoy instead of involving yourself in parties. So embrace the life that awaits you and break up with the party life!

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