How To Showcase Your Company’s Brand During Meetings

A company spends a lot of money on branding. The money often goes toward research and development, ensuring your brand design and voice mesh with your desired clients. While branding is vital to marketing and messaging, it is also essential to developing teams and partnerships. You want your workers to appreciate the brand and identify with the brand. Because branding is so vital to corporate culture and identity, you should try to incorporate it into everyday activities, such as meetings. There are ways to bypass Zoom virtual background requirements to incorporate custom backgrounds, including logos. However, it is important to bring your branding into virtual and real-world spaces. Thankfully, there are several ways to incorporate your company’s brand into meetings.

1. Display Your Logo in Smart Areas

It is not enough to use a brand logo in immersive Zoom backgrounds. Technically, shrinking the logo down to the size of an ant and putting it in the lower right corner of the screen is incorporating the brand, but it will not be noticed by a majority of people attending the meeting. In a virtual environment, it is possible to put the logo in large and in the background. You can also use the logo as a placeholder between speakers or presentations. Essentially, use your logo where it is visible but not a distraction.

2. Use Your Brand Colors in Your Background

Aside from incorporating a Zoom office background with company logo, you can be more subtle with your brand. For instance, use your brand colors as a background for a virtual meeting. When you hold in-person meetings, you can use your colors in the background, but you can also incorporate the colors into other elements, such as table covers, pamphlets, etc. Colors are a lot easier to incorporate and less distracting in the environment.

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3. Include Logos on Documents

Most meetings will include handouts. The handouts can be pamphlets, bulleted agenda points, corresponding research, etc. Regardless of the material, if it is something you created specifically for the meeting, try to incorporate your logo and branding. You can also include the log on posters or other presentation materials. All documents should have some symbol of the company.

4. Include Branding on Slides or Presentation Media 

Handouts are not the only materials being shared or shown during a meeting. Most meetings will include PowerPoint presentations or some form of video media. If created by the company, include your logo and brand colors. The only way you may want to avoid the logo is if there are any possible copyright issues. For instance, if you use a video from another brand or speaker, do not put your logo into the content. You only brand the content you create.

You spent a lot of time and potentially a lot of money on the creation of your brand. You should use your logo and brand as much as possible to ensure it is a part of the culture. If you need help figuring out how to best use your logo, consider consulting a branding specialist.

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