How to Select a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Florida

How to Select a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Florida

Florida is famous for its high number of bicycle accidents. Compared to other states, it has the highest average yearly number of cycling deaths. Knowing your rights and working with a bike accident lawyer is crucial if you incur injuries in a bicycle accident. However, your choice of attorney determines your case outcome, and you should choose the best.

Here are ideas to help you choose a bicycle accident attorney in Florida. 

1. Gather referrals

Talk to friends and family members and get referrals of reputed attorneys near you. Find someone who has engaged a lawyer following a bicycle accident, and learn about the services offered. Next, find out if the company also handles individual injury cases and schedule a meeting.

2. Check the years of experience 

Find out more about each lawyer’s practical experience dealing with bicycle accident cases. A Spring Hill Bicycle Accident Lawyer will tell you that hiring an experienced lawyer saves money and time. 

Therefore, find out how long each lawyer has been involved in Florida bike accidents. Check to see if they have extensive local practice experience and learn about the number of successful cases handled. This way, it will be easy to locate a bicycle accident attorney specializing in bicycle accident litigation. 

3. Check their credentials 

Don’t employ a bike accident lawyer before investigating their credentials. Verify that each attorney on your list has a valid state license before hiring them. Check to see if they hold additional certificates that can attest to their experience. The qualifications are crucial since they demonstrate the lawyer’s dependability and trustworthiness. 

4. Schedule a consultation 

Make a consultation appointment and go over the specifics of your situation there. Which legal options does the attorney advise? Be keen on their communication and responding skills. Find a person who can communicate effectively and listen intently. Make sure you feel at ease around them as well. 

Common causes of bicycle accidents in Florida

In Spring Hill, Florida, many bicycle accidents can be ascribed to negligent or dangerous driving by other drivers. Most of Florida’s roadways lack designated bike lanes; thus, cyclists must share the road with motorists. Among the most frequent reasons for bicycle accidents are: 

  • Distracted driving

Distracted driving is one of Florida’s most frequent reasons for bicycle accidents. This occurs when a driver strikes a cyclist while operating a vehicle carelessly. Distracted driving may result from texting, looking away, adjusting the radio in their car, and other behaviors. These things may distract the driver from the road, resulting in a bike accident. 

  • Rear-ending

The cause of many motorcycle accidents is rear-ending. This kind of bicycle accident can happen when motorcyclist, car drivers, or cyclist underestimates the space between their vehicle and the one in front of them, resulting in a collision. Another factor that contributes to rear-ending is speeding. Cycling at very high speeds makes it hard to halt quickly, making it likely to hit other vehicles on the road.

Final thoughts 

 Your chosen attorney will determine the case outcome and can make or break your case. Only hire an experienced lawyer with a proven track record and save time and money. The professional will handle most of the legal aspects of your case, allowing you ample time for recovery.

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