How To Recover Data From Pendrive: full details

Last night, when I linked my pendrive to my computer by accident, I accidentally deleted every photo on it. I searched in my computer’s recycle bin, I couldn’t find them. So what are the ways to recover data from pendrive?

The durability, portability, and quick transfer speeds of a pendrive (jump drive) make it a popular choice for storing, backing up, and transferring important items like images and videos. However, for a variety of reasons, such as unintended formatting, virus attacks, corrupted media, or human mistake, the crucial data stored on a pendrive is almost always vulnerable to loss. No worries are necessary if you use the two techniques listed below to restore deleted or lost files from a formatting, crashed, or inoperable pendrive.

What happens to files on a deleted pendrive?

The most frequent cause of pendrive file loss, and one that might be challenging to prevent, is unintentional file deletion. Do they fully disappear from the pendrive? The Recycle Bin is where deleted files on a hard drive that weren’t removed using Shift + Delete are often placed. Although files removed from a pendrive are not permanently lost, this does not mean that. What transpires during the deleting procedure will be quickly examined.The computer system saves data on specific sectors of the pendrive and also records file information (file name, size, type, location, etc.) for the file system when a file is stored on a pendrive. The operating system simply removes the file recorder from the file system and labels the sector that the file was occupying as “FREE” when a file is deleted. The result is that the erased file is no longer visible and that more space is available on the flash device. The deleted file is actually still there on the pendrive because of the sectors that still contain it and are still open to receiving new data. You have a possibility to retrieve the deleted file provided that they are not claimed by another file.

How can I get my erased files back from my pendrive?

How can I free retrieve my completely deleted files from pendrive as most of the time deleted files on a pendrive can still be recovered? You may have a few alternatives for recovering data from a pendrive, some of which are free and some of which are not. The optimal techniques would be those with no cost, however they are not effective in every scenario of data loss.due to the fact that some call for a backup, an earlier version, etc. Additionally, it is not important to avoid using such expensive solutions because some of them are acceptable, for example, some commercial data recovery software performs significantly better than freeware and enables customers to evaluate the recovery quality prior to purchase.

 Things to consider before trying to recover erased data from a pendrive

To increase your chances of success, you should verify the items below before beginning the process of recovering deleted pendrive data. The first thing you should do is cease by using pendrive as quickly as you become aware of the data loss problem. That actually makes a difference. In the event that this is not done, erased files may sustain more harm or possibly be completely rewritten. Once they have been erased, there is no chance of restoring deleted pendrive data.

  • Store no files on the pendrive where you plan to restore lost data.
  • Avoid viewing or editing outgoing files on the pendrive because doing so will create cache and interim files that could corrupt lost data.
  • The recovery outcome will be impacted if the pendrive is formatted or the disc has new partitions created.
  • Even when you’re certain it has defective sectors, don’t try to repair them. Files will be permanently destroyed if bad sectors are repaired.

Solution 1: Recover deleted files from the  pendrive without using software.

When a pendrive becomes corrupted or unreadable, it’s likely that Windows will display messages such as “You need to format the disc…”, “The disc is not accessible…”, “Windows was unable to complete the format,” “The pendrive is infected by shortcut virus” or “The files are hidden,” among others. To restore deleted files using CMD from a pendrive, just adhere to following steps:

  1. Connect the damaged pendrive to computer.
  2. Your computer’s Start button should be clicked, then “CMD” should be typed. The matched result will be displayed for you.
  3. Right-clicking Command Prompt brings up a context menu where you can select Run.
  4. Enter after typing the pendrive’s letter, for example, > F:
  5. Enter the command attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.*, wait a few while, then press Enter.
  6. Your files would be restored if you checked the pendrive.

How To Recover Data From Pendrive: full details

Note: This only corrupted pendrive repairs may be successful using this technique. Just attempt the alternate solution if it doesn’t succeed in recovering your files.

Solution 2: With Free Software, you may retrieve deleted photos from a pendrive.

CMD cannot assist us in restoring deleted or corrupted files from pendrives; it is only a tool to resolve system issues on storage devices. A competent pendrive data recovery programme is essential if you want to free recover deleted images or undelete other files.

Download Full Version of Free Pen Drive Recovery Software

One of the most effective and trustworthy pendrive recovery programmes, RePicvid Free Photo Recovery, is useful. It was specifically designed to restore erased files from storage devices such memory cards, SSDs, HHDs, and pendrives. RePicvid also provides Photo (free), Video, Audio, and All File Recovery modules to recover any data you require from a formatted, corrupted, or virus-affected pendrive. RePicvid Pendrive Recovery software can be downloaded and installed, then used.

Note: After deleting recent files from the pendrive, avoid saving anything else for fear of overwriting the disc with new ones.

The Benefits of RePicvid

  • Recover more than 100 different file formats, including music, films, and pictures. Upgrade to RePicvid Standard to recover more files, such as documents.
  • Deleted files can be recovered from pendrives, SD cards, hard drives, and computers.
  • All files are fully previewed before recovery.
  • To specify the data type you need to restore, use Advanced Scanning.
  • High rate of recovery in original quality.

Take the following actions to recover data from pendrive

Step 1: Attach the USB flash drive to your computer.

How To Recover Data From Pendrive: full details

Directly insert a pendrive into the computer’s USB port. the “All File Types” module from the RePicvid Pendrive Recovery Software menu.

Step 2: Check for lost or deleted files on the pen drive and preview them.

How To Recover Data From Pendrive: full details

The pendrive will appear in the “Removable disk” section of RePicvid when it is detected, bearing a brand name similar to Kingston. For more precise file format selection, select the pendrive disc and choose “Advanced Settings.” Launch the pendrive’s scanning process, and then check out the missing files.

Step 3: Save deleted files from the pendrive after recovering them.

How To Recover Data From Pendrive: full details

Pick the files (photos, videos, audio, etc.) you would like to recover data from pendrive and save them to a different disc folder.


So this is the complete knowledge about how to recover data from pendrive. Follow the instructions given above step by step. You can easily restore deleted data by these ways. Still you’ve any queries about recover data from pendrive then comment bellow.

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